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Water Ski (New Colors)

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Someone asked for a Water Ski color hack a while back, so here it is. The game didn't need a lot of color changes. It never actually bothered me, but this makes some colors a little more fitting and brightens it up a bit. The title screen doesn't look the greatest, but the title color is shared with the player, so I think it's worth the tradeoff (he was gray and green before).


Update: I never noticed before, but quite a bit of the graphics are out of alignment in the original rom. I went ahead and fixed some of them (the docks, log, some of the shoreline, island, etc.). There is still more that could be done, but it really needs re-aligned in the code which is more than I can do.


Update Feb-24-2013: Changed title screen with new logo. If someone has a better idea, feel free to share. See bottom of post for image with bounding box outlined.



post-9364-0-69296000-1361760131_thumb.png post-9364-0-72621900-1361096346_thumb.png post-9364-0-31296800-1361096347_thumb.png

post-9364-0-82042700-1361096347_thumb.png post-9364-0-35701400-1361096351_thumb.png post-9364-0-84625300-1361096351_thumb.png

Water Ski (Title+Color+Realign) 64k.a78

Water Ski (Title+Color+Realign) 64k.bin


Expanded for compatibility with Prosystem:

Water Ski (Title+Color+Realign) 128k.a78


And a trained version with no collisions so you can see all of the levels:

Water Ski (Title+Color+Realign) TRAINED 128k.a78



Here is a Hex Workshop bookmark file with the color locations:

Water Ski (HW Bookmark).zip

Note: this is for the 128K a78 file only. Also, the colors are in triplicates (each sprite has three colors), and each part comes right after an "A9." To keep the bookmark simple for myself, I bookmarked them as triplicate series. So, when you click on a bookmark, just look for the bytes after the "A9s." Hopefully that will make sense when you see it.



If someone has a better idea for a title screen logo, feel free to share and I can add it to the game. Here is a screenshot with the bounding box outlined. Just keep your logo within these lines and you'll be fine. :)




Previous Version:


Water Ski (COLOR EDIT) 64k.a78

Water Ski (COLOR EDIT) 64k.bin


128K version for compatibility with Prosystem:

Water Ski (COLOR EDIT) 128k.a78


And a trained version with no collisions so you can see all of the levels:

Water Ski (COLOR EDIT) 128k TRAINED.a78


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