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atari air raid prank call i did.

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hey hey guys, i know i dont post here a ton but some of ya know me. i saw this total DIRTBAG who had posted this ad, and i host a prank radio show, so i figured i'd give him a ring. spread this around so people get a laugh off this tool! here's his ad:


Hello Cragslist Friends, I'm an old school person who purchased the old Atari system 2 months ago and I have about 25 games.I'm trying to find some of my favorite games played as a kid growing up.I will pay $20 each for these games if you have them.


-Karate (Ultravision)


-Atlantis II

-Gamma Attack

-Air Raid

-Red Sea Crossing


-Birthday Mania


-Pepsi Invaders

-River Patrol

-The Music Machine


Please Call or text me XXX-XXX-XXXX. (let me know what you have)


heres the vid!



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agreed, im still figuring out how to wind people up the best. and i wasnt fully prepared for the call, i had just reconnected to skype. i'll try and call more guys like this in the future.

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That's awesome. :rolling: Next time start a bear seeks man for hardcore S&M ad and add his phone number. The positive side is you don't have to be good at acting when you have a bunch of dudes calling him. The negative side is that there is about a 10% chance you will be giving him the best week of his life.

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we've had calls go haywire like that a few times lately. its pretty weird when you try and get a guy wound up, but you just end up getting him going and shit in another way, ahahah. sometimes its tough to find numbers for these kind of lowballers though, people are quick to flag the ads, and its not always a sure thing that they put the numbers in their ads either. at the least we're just wasting their time and can have a laugh at their expense. thanks for watchin guys, im sure we'll have 1 or 2 more of these to do for our friday show too. http://pranksessionradio.com is the site if anybody wants to listen in, we always do a friday show starting 9-10pm EST and sometimes on saturday too.

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