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Funnelweb and DSKU fix - CF7/nanopeb

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32 minutes ago, atrax27407 said:

I think you meant the Dijit AVPC card, Lee.


Actually, I meant any card that had the 9938/58 available for the TI-99/4A. I actually have not used the hardware, EVPC or AVPC. Is the AVPC designed for the PEB, side port or cartridge port?



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2 hours ago, Lee Stewart said:

It actually might be easier to modify the 40-column version to display 80 columns with the F18A than to try to modify the 80-column version. Either way, I think it will involve extensive editing of source code and re-assembling the relevant parts of Funnel-Web to work with the F18A. I cannot imagine that patching machine code has any chance of working.

I looked at it too, and came to this same conclusion. We have (some?) of the source code, but I wasn't able to get it building.


I did successfully patch BAWriter in that manner, but finding all the right spots to patch took a lot of time. I wasn't willing to go through it again. ;)


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Posted (edited)

I think we have all of the code for F'WEB. There are some 13  or so disks here on AA. Here it is:


First two messages.

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