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OSS 5in1 Super Proper Cartridge

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Hello. :)

As all you know before some time I decide to open a thread with main subject “What cartridge re-pro do you prefer?”.

After,, I saw cause the main interest is on utility cartridges and among other the OSS ones. Rdea6 member from here, give me the right direction as to where to find some info about this.

Then I met the retrobits.net, and specific an area with all these OSS cart utilities. Immediately I communicate with author Dan, which from the first time was incredible cooperative, something who believe me is not common today. Dan was the main axis as to make this multicart. He send photos, roms, literature, and everything else which could be help. At some point propose me to unsold all parts from one of his carts, just to see the traces of pcb, as to be possible to redesign it. Hopefully isn't needed. :-D


Then 10 first prototypes produced. These was identical to the original produced by OSS, plus had a one button selector switch, and a 7 segment display as to indicate what utility is in use. The hardware beside this is an Atmel ATtiny 2313 micro controller, of which the program initially wrote a friend from here local (thanks Nick), and after completed by me. Also a hidden menu to indicate the serial number added.


Designing the pcb for the next and final order from it, I thought to add the “point” of seven segment display to blinking. This was a nice effect and make the cart more liveliest! Yes after I see it, shows like to be there lively :-Dand not lifeless. :P


In the meantime tf_hh Juergen member from here, p.m me with a proposition. Juergen in the past tried to make an OSS multicart using as a base the XE Super cart pcb, and a Gal which will include all the 3 logic ic of the original OSS cartridge. He wrote all the code for the Gal, name it “OSS All in one Solution”, and publish all his work on German Abbuc magazine.

Everything worked perfect for him, but one day received a mail from a very close friend, cause his solution as exact any of the original OSS cartridge, isn't compatible with some older hardware.

To be precise with the original SDX cart, Polish ARC, and some internal Atari real time clock buildings. After that Juergen with the help of Hias, add to his logic all these corrections as its solution to be 100% compatible with this older hardware. The problem was about the A4-A7 address of the Atari computer.



Ok after that I redesign the pcb based on his Gal ic, and the result is a 5 in 1 OSS proper cartridge.

This has 5 tools options, plus a sixth cartridge off option without remove it at all! The point symbol on 7 segment display is blinking if some tool is selected. Last is 100% compatible with these old hardware, in case who someone want to use it.


A new decal is also available thanks to creative of another member from here KevinMos3. Kevin kindly offered to make a proper decal based on the original and some own ideas. Of course his excellent work must and will be print and cut professionally on a glossy decal.


Below I attach some photos from the new OSS multi cartridge. One of that have the final decal on it, but because is a sample, may have some imperfections who would not exist on the final one. This will available to me on Monday.

The new case have by the manufacturer a "light grey" color, but to be honest in my eyes :twisted: look more as "frost white". To be more understandable, compare it versus an A4 page is darker. ;)

Ok from now on everyone would like to have one of these, pm me for the details. The same interest list from the first thread will add here.


Thanks for looking. :)



Interest  List

Interest  List Page 2




IMG 8262 3200




IMG 8266 3200




IMG 8252 3200




IMG 8258 3200

IMG 8291 3200

IMG 8297 3200

IMG 8307 3200

IMG 8308 3200

IMG 8313 3200

IMG 8317 3200

IMG 8325 3200

IMG 8336 3200

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I'm interested in this cart too. :) PM sent.

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I am very jealous that I am not on party with the other guys! :P

If someone from the members who buy the first OSS cart want also a free decal from this one, then let me know it.

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