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your favorite Atari 2600 Program cartridge?

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I also like some underdogs very much:

Amidar, slow but excellent fun

Lost Luggage, very good take on Kaboom

Ghost Manor, great mixed style of gaming

Congo Bongo, recently really got into this

Pooyan, yep it's fun

X Man, gotta get to that blonde, another joystick killer

Gangster Alley, my favourite 'shoot baddies on the VCS' style game

and Espial

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Put me down for California Games. The downhill BMX bike level was a personal favorite. That cart really showed what the 2600 was capable of.


I totally agree!

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I'm going to say that with all of the titles I've tried


Pitfall II is my favorite adventure game

Video Olympics is my favorite sports game (sad, I know)

Jr. Pac-Man, Turmoil and Berzerk are my favorite arcade titles

Bobby is Going Home for current favorite unique PAL title

X-Man for favorite porn game (hey why not?! ....Its got....a maze!)

Skeet Shoot for my (current) least favorite game.

Farmer Dan is my favorite "I think you stole the wrong game cover entirely." game

Forest is my favorite "There is no need for a witch in the story" game

E.T. is my favorite whipping boy game

Spider Maze is my favorite "as if Pac-Kong absolutely needed a re release" game

Pac-Man is my favorite bad arcade port game

Tanks But No Tanks is my favorite "lets just fake a laugh to make this game programmer feel better about himself" game

Pepsi Invaders is my favorite "ONLY CORPORATE SPONSOR GAME THAT DOESN"T STAR SHAQ!!!!!" game

Star Ship is my favorite "what the hell is this?" game

Fire Fly is my favorite "What the EXPLITIVE is this?!" game

Combat is my favorite "I wish I had a friend" game

Chuck Norris Superkicks is my favorite game that ended with Chuck Norris actually murdering the employees at Xonox lol

3D-Tic-Tac-Toe is my favorite Atari game that was used in Guantanamo Bay to get the terrorists to talk.


I think you get it lol ;)



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Absolutely agree with you about Asteroids. It's a critical game to have!

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