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Need Intellivision home brew programmer for music software

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Hey there, im looking for a programmer familiar with intellivision basic . to write a very simple program that is basically like a modded ,more in depth version of the intellivision synth stock program that comes on the ECS . i use and love whats there by default but i would love to cycle through some more sounds to play . and if it could be made to load through the tape data slot on the ECS that would be awesome as well ,as there is not a valid multicart out anymore .

id be willing to pay a bit and it would also be helping the community as well . thanks . !!

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Hi, grIMP!


I don't know if you'll get anybody working on this project, since the ECS BASIC doesn't get much love (it's crap, to begin with).


That being said, I can tell you that one of my long-term dreams is to write a synthesizer package for the Intellivision. As a matter of fact, I started discussing this very topic recently, talking about some cool potential features such a program could have, like using the Intellivision disc controller as a circular "pot" (potentiometer) knob to tune and tweak various effects and sound wave parameters, and offering various "patches" for effects that modify or modulate the sound wave in some way. A tracker could obviously be another feature.


However, I must warn you that this is a project I have plan for the long term, the very long term. Right now, I'm working on a next-generation game framework to simplify creating Intellivision games and making the endeavor more accessible to outsiders. I also have a few games in mind that will come after that. This means that if I ever get around to the synthesizer project, it may be a while, probably years.


I am also very slow and obsessive in my work, though I am persistent.


Music synthesis and playing with sound effects used to be a hobby of mine (not that I was any good, mind you, just interested), and I'm passionate about this project, but it is not my first priority right now. Perhaps that can change if I see some interest in the Intellivision programming community. After all, more than just a mere synth player this program I have in mind could help game programmers design sound effects and music instruments for their games.




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