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Lee Stewart

fbForth—TI Forth with File-based Block I/O [Post #1 UPDATED: 11/16/2019]

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Post #1 has been updated with all of the files for the latest build, fbForth 2.0:12. I will update my website later this week.


I fixed a couple of bugs:

  • The trigonometric functions in the Floating Point Library returned erroneous results after I hooked the Forth ISR as the system default (in build 9, I believe),
  • DOT (used to plot a pixel in Bitmap mode) ignored half of the color palette you could set with DCOLOR .

The latest FBLOCKS has only cosmetic changes—mainly, new binary images for four of the menu options that depend on the build with which they were BSAVEd.


Let me know if you find any bugs or need assistance with anything.



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