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Atari 8 bit playing Amiga mods?!?

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Whilst searching for a decent pokey audio player for the Atari 8 bit (still have not found one) I came across a proggy called Inertia Player 4.5... which supposedly plays Mod files on the Pokey.... are these Amiga mods it can play? If so, what is the quality like?


Also, is there any decent Pokey music player for the 8 bit Atari?

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it depends if you have a standard Atari or an enhanced Atari. Normally the Atari has one Pokey chip, so playing MOD sounds with Inertia or similar programs will give you 4Bit mono playback quality. Many Atarians have added a second Pokey chip for stereo, so Inertia will then play with 4bit stereo quality. There is another sound enhancement named Covox, which will give you 8Bit playback quality. So, if you are lucky and have two Pokey chips and Covox (or an enhancement named SimpleStereo by Candle which offers both) you can use Inertia to playback MOD sounds in 8Bit stereo quality which is really amazing...


There are various MOD players for the Atari XL and XE computers, supporting 48k RAM up to 1 MB RAM. In the past they also did converters to convert 16Bit stereo MODs into 8Bit mono MODs (then named MD8) to save up to 50% disk-space. Most of these MD8-players were then able to playback with somewhat better than 4Bit quality (e.g. Fampy allowed 6Bit playback quality, but only mono). Later they concentrated more on the support of Covox and 2x Pokey, so stereo and 8Bit quality became more important than saving disk-space. However, if you do not have Covox and only one Pokey, then Inertia and most other Covox-supporting software will playback with only 4Bit mono and thus sound worse than some of the MD8 players...


Attached some MOD, MD8 and NEO players for you... -Andreas Koch.


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And err,


as I already wrote in another topic, there is no universal Pokey sound format, at least not on the A8. So here I give you some examples of various A8 sound formats, namely AMS, AMP, CMC, MPT and TMC, as well as various sound-players...


Softsynth sounds also really good, so here is a good Softsynth demo:



-Andreas Koch.



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