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Vic-20 datasette line in

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I recently made a similar post in the Atari pc section and I got a great response so I'm now looking for some help from the Vic community. A few weeks ago I tried installing an audio jack into my Atari 410 datasette so that I could play audio files from my Ipod into my Atari and load cassette games that way. With a whole lot of trial and error and info from others I did get it to work. The answer was simple. I connected the left, right, and ground wires to the points on the circuit board where the left, right, and ground from the tape head connected. It was simple and it works great. I am now attempting to do the same to the datasette for my Vic 20. Thinking it would be just as simple I connected it the same way...... Nope! I then found out that the C2N is mono so I connected just the right channel.... Nope! Its weird cuz the wires from the tape head connect to the circuit board with black white and red wires just like most stereo tape heads. They then go into grey insulation and when the come out at the end by the tape head just the red an white wires are there. This has been much more confusing for me then it was on my Atari. I would love any help I could get on this project. I love the results I got with my Atari and it would be great to be able to do this on my Vic also. Here is a link to the thread I started when I needed help for my Atari. It may give some ideas to someone with more knowledge of the C2N then myself. http://atariage.com/...te#entry2730286



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