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VTech CreatiVision - mega update to the CreatiVEmu website!

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A new year has begun, and I'm here with a ton of updates!


First of all I'm proud to introduce the new section: "Homebrew", featuring articles about newly produced hardware and software. In addition to the existing pages on Multicart, Diagnosticart and Datassette Interface, I'm adding two brand new articles:

- How to add a Composite A/V output mod to your CreatiVision

- How to build a Printer cable to connect your Centronics standard printer to the CreatiVision Parallel I/O Interface.


I took pics and scanned the box of the rare optional joysticks pack for use with the Salora Manager. Also, got scans from the rare "erratum" sheet for the Cassette Tape Module manual, plus pictures of a "variant" of the box, showing an orange sticker on the back.

Don't miss the new files, they're available on the Releases/Hardware page!


I got fresh scans and pics of many rare games on cartridge, now available in the Releases/Software page:

- Auto Chase (Rameses): box, cart

- BASIC (CreatiVision and Wizzard): "erratum" sheets added to instruction manuals

- Chopper Rescue (Salora Manager): box, cart (at higher resolution)

- Deep Sea Adventure (German): box

- Deep Sea Aventure (Salora Manager): cart (at higher resolution)

- Locomotive (Laser 2001): box, cart

- Planet Defender (international): box

- Planet Defender (Rameses): box, overlay

- Police Jump (Salora Manager): box, cart

- Police Jump (German): box

- Soccer (German): box, manual

- Stone Age (Salora Manager): cart (at higher resolution)

- Tank Attack (Rameses): box, cart, overlay


There's a bunch of new articles from old magazines: "Pergioco" (Italy), "ELO" (Germany) and "Tekniikan Maailma" (Finland). They are:

- "Astro Pinball" review (Pergioco 9/83)

- "Video: la parabola tende al computer" article (Pergioco 10/83)

- "Metamorphose" (ELO 5/83)

- "Aquarius II ja Salora Manager: Uusi yritys" (TM 18/84)

- "Kultainen keskitie?" (TM 5/83)


There's scans from an old book from the 80's, mentioning the CreatiVision system:

- "Home Computer: Ein praktisches Handbuch" (Germany, 1983)


There's good news on the emulation side: a programmer whose nick is Wiimpathy released a porting of FunnyMu to the Nintendo Wii console. The executable and source files are available for download on the popular Emulators page.


Last but not least, I finally typed (and fixed) the listing I had on paper print, of the BASIC game Math Launch programmed by my long time friend, John Pospisil of Sydney. It's now available for download on the Basic Programs page.


Thanks go to Ernest Haslinger from Austria, Mauro Spadazzi and Gavino Sechi from Italy, Adam White from Canada, Jarkko Pitajamaki from Finland, Rikard Ljungkvist from Sweden, Thomas Gutmeier from Germany, Paul Nicholls from Tasmania, John Pospisil from New South Wales and Mark W. Canon from USA.


PS: Don't miss to check the Forum for a ton of interesting threads on programming (with even a few beta-version of games currently under development).



URL: www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/

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