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Making your Jaguar look really nice?

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Hello, every one! I have found a neat trick to make old plastic pieces shine as though they are new. There's a product for automobiles called "Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Detailer" that is meant to be applied to the car's body after it has been washed. It's supposed to make the surface bead water away and make it easier to later apply car wax.


So I have started using this stuff on the plastic pieces of the various game consoles I have worked on and it makes them look great! Some people have suggested using WD-40, but that's rather toxic and seems to evaporate after 4 or so weeks. Does any one know of any better tricks? Here's how my most recent Jaguar turned out:




Here's the car detailing product I currently use:



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Most long time AA users swear by Armor All. As a bonus, it comes in both regular (glossy) and matte finishes.

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