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AIM Software cassette titles (Atari 400/800)

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Good afternoon folks,


I've recently come upon a lot that someone was looking to offload, consisting off various Colecovision/Intellivision/Atari/TRS-80 titles. Many of them notably included the boxes and manuals, including a lot of Atari 8-bit titles.


Curiously however, the majority of 8-bit titles consist of Aim Software cassette titles. There are approximately 13 in total, with boxes(fair condition) and instructions(if you can call them that). The cassettes are in absolutely pristine condition.









I'm not familiar with the Atari 8-bit line at all, but it appears to me that it's extremely challenging finding any comprehensive information on the 8-bit titles anywhere. So far I've only found Atarimania, and at least half of these aren't even recorded there. Atarimania at least seems to indicate that AIM Software titles are especially rare, at least for the titles they have on record.



Are there any resident experts that can clue me in on what I might be dealing with here?



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Aim Software was one of the early budget software publishers. The company released boatloads of titles - mostly for the Atari - with cool artwork but of abysmal quality.


I have never seen an ad or a catalog so what is still out there is unknown. A weird and mysterious software house to say the least...


The titles do have some value because of their rarity, the nice boxes they come in and the fact they haven't been dumped.


The games may be pathetic but I for one would LOVE to see them fully archived / preserved and all material scanned.



Atari Frog


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Thanks for the response,


I'm very likely not interested in keeping them, as I don't have an Atari 400/800 and I'm not particularly inclined to find one. Since all indications are that it's unlikely a good portion of these titles will ever show up again any time soon, I'm probably going to be interested in selling them off to a collector - preferably who will actually do something with it(i.e. archive the programs on the cassettes), but I don't have any substantial price history to go on for this publisher's titles.


Is there a general ballpark for what I can probably expect to run as an asking price for these if I did?

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