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SOLD --- Coleco ADAM Computer Package

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I have up for sale a very large ADAM Computer package that I have meticulously assembled with the idea of offering it up for sale to someone here on AtariAge that has been looking to buy one of these systems, but did not want to go thru all the time, hassle and expense of finding "working" components of the system.... let alone test and clean everything and then acquire software to use with it.


Each item listed out below has been tested, disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled and tested again very thoroughly over the course of the last three weeks to the best of my abilities and using all the available ColecoVision and ADAM test utility cartridges and software that I have available to me. As far as the system and all the extras stand, they are in 100% working condition and the physically are in very good condition except for a couple noted items at the bottom of the package list.


Local pickup is very welcome if you are within a reasonable distance. Shipping will be via the best option that I can find, not necessarily the cheapest with USPS being the frontrunner currently. The ADAM Computer box will be placed inside of another larger box to protect it from any further harm that will be 40"x20"x10" in size and weight roughly 40pds. The rest of the items will be shipped in a second box that I haven't packaged up yet, but will ASAP and then add the information here.


I will consider any and all Foreign purchasers, but will be brutally honest in saying that a possible U.S. purchaser is favored.


Here is the complete list of everything I have amassed along with a large number of pictures:


:arrow: Complete ADAM Stand-Alone Computer System with built-in ColecoVision

- Original ADAM Computer box and all styrofoam packaging

- Memory Console (Revision 80 - last one made by Coleco)

- Digital Data Drive (has been speed calibrated)

- False Digital Data Drive Door

- Printer with built-in system Power Supply (newer printer ribbon installed)

- Keyboard with ADAMnet Cable and Hand Controller Attachment

- 2 Hand Controllers

- RFI Kit with manual

- Coleco RF Switchbox with RF Cable

- Complete set of ADAM Owner's Manuals

- SmartBASIC v1.0 DDP with Manual

- Buck Rogers Super Game DDP with Manual

- Blank ADAM Digital Data Pack

:arrow: ADAM 5 1/4" Floppy Disk Drive

- original Power Supply

- 3ft ADAMnet flat cable

- Complete set of manuals

- Disk Manager software

- original box with one of the two styrofoam packaging pieces (see pics)

:arrow: ADAM 64K Memory Expander (Coleco brand, not 3rd Party)

- byte tested to be good from address 00000 to 65535 with Homebrew test software

- with Manual

:arrow: ADAMLink 300 Baud Modem with Cable, ADAMLink software data pack and Manual

:arrow: Roller Controller with Manual, Slither with Manual and Power Adapter for ADAM use

:arrow: Complete Set of ADAM Dust Covers (Keyboard, Printer, Memory Console)

:arrow: Wico Command Control Joystick for CV or ADAM

:arrow: 2 extra blank Digital Data Packs

:arrow: Additional Coleco ADAM software on Data Packs:

- CP/M 2.2 & Assembler

- SmartLOGO

- ADAMCalc

- Recipe Filer with box

:arrow: Additional ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk:

- File Manager v3.0 (the best copy utility program with numerous features)

- CopyCart+ v2.0 (the best cartridge copy program)

- RAMtest v2.0 (tests 64K Memory Expanders)

- ADAM Utilities (a collection of Coleco utilities for testing the ADAM Computer)

- MicroChip (a tremendous Homebrew game made in 1995)

- ADAM Bomb II (the best game ever made for the ADAM... hands down)

:arrow: A special collection of Coleco made ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk:

22 Coleco made ADAM entertanment software programs on 5 1/4" disk. These are not originals, rather I made them myself and have included professional quality replica Coleco labels that I made with PBoland last year. To save some money, I did not have PBoland supply me with the replica ADAM disk sleeves that he made, but I'll show you what they look like and then you can decide if you want to buy some from PBoland. The 5 1/4" disks that were used are "New Old Stock" and not re-used disks.

- 2010: The Text Adventure

- The ADAM Home Software Library (for the 32 Basic Programs book)

- B.C. II: Grog's Revenge

- Best of B.C., The

- Best of Broderbund, The

- Best of Electronic Arts, The

- Buck Rogers Super Game

- Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Enhanced

- Dam Busters Super Game

- Donkey Kong Super Game

- Donkey kong Junior Super Game

- Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (5 screen version)

- Dragon's Lair

- Family Feud

- Front Line Super Game (Demo)

- Jeopardy (Disk 1 of 2)

- Jeopardy (Disk 2 of 2)

- SubRoc Super Game

- Temple of Apshai (by Epyx)

- Troll's Tale

- Tunnels & Trolls (Demo)

- Zaxxon Super Game


:arrow: A SPECIAL BONUS... I will make you a DVD of my entire ADAM collection of digital files (rather large) including almost everything ever made fo the ADAM software wise in Disk and DDP image files, emulators, manuals, pictures, rom images, ADAM to PC conversion utilities, etc., etc. If you have a PC with a 5 1/4" drive that can boot into DOS, you can supply yourself with any software program you desire... you'll just need the disks and some free time. NO CURRENT HOMEBREW CARTRIDGE RELEASES INCLUDED unless they were released by their authors.


:arrow: NOTED ISSUES: The ADAM Box and Disk Drive Box, while not terrible, have seen better days... check out the pictures provided. The TV RF Cable will need to be replaced as it's not in the best of shape, but included for completeness.


More pictures provided in Post #2.


And now, the big one, the price of this large package...





$700.00 $600.00 plus Shipping Expenses














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and the rest of the pictures for the above listed ADAM Package...









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First off, I would not be sure you could even ship this via USPS packed in a box to other countries. Size may limit that.


And second, sweet disk collection. I'd buy that alone if offered, even knowing it was all reproduction.

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how much is shipping to zip 20191

and what formes of payment do you take


I'll work up the shipping prices (USPS, UPS, etc.) for the two boxes and then PM you with the details.


As far as payment, PayPal is the easiest and quickest method and if we reach an agreement on a sale, I would send you a PayPal Invoice. I wouldn't expect anyone to be agreeable to a PayPal Gift payment for this amount of money... although it would be very nice to avoid their fees.

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First off, I would not be sure you could even ship this via USPS packed in a box to other countries. Size may limit that.

A big reason why I prefer a U.S. purchaser so that I don't have to fold up the ADAM box.


And second, sweet disk collection. I'd buy that alone if offered, even knowing it was all reproduction.

Well, I do have to order more labels from PBoland as well as find some more NOS disks... so I'll keep you in mind.


BTW, here are the ADAM 5 1/4" Disk Sleeves that PBoland can supply. The beige sleeve is a reproduction of Coleco's own design and the white sleeve is PBoland's own creation. I would have included these as well in the package, but I had to stop somewhere with everything that I was including.



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Shipping from Chicago, IL (60056) to Reston, VA (20191) will be in the $55 range using either USPS Standard Post or UPS Ground. The boxes are:


1) 40"L x 20"D x10"H @ 40pds.

2) 18"L x 12"D x 8"H @ 15pds.


for those that want to figure out shipping to their neck of the woods.

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A pre-eBay reduction in price...


:-o $100.00 OFF :-o



Original Price was $700.00, now asking for $600.00 plus Shipping Expenses

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Snap this up someone! This is a PHENOMENAL price! Practically a fire sale! If I were in permanent digs I'd be buying it myself!


Also I can't name a specific food that tastes terrible cold.

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Just trying to give someone a chance to get their ADAM on like I stated in the CV&ADAM Forum thread... especially an AtariAge member. If it goes to eBay, the price will go up considerably for the obvious reason of seller fees.


Thanks for the appreciation you have shown for the system package as well as the price... both starting and reduced. I was actually thinking I'd get some "are you nuts with the high price" posts and not the other way around.

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When I consider how much time and effort my own set took and the prices I paid, this is a bargain. Still wanting a set of those dust covers!



If there are no takers here on AtariAge and this ends up going to eBay, I'll pull the Dust Cover set and we can work out a price from there. I'm thnking.... $$$.$$ ! ;)

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Good lord I'm tempted, I could buy that easy. But the moment I bought it the first thing I'd do is turn around and eBay it. :grin:

That wouldn't bother me in the least as I got the amount I asked for and the stuff would be your's to do with what you may. Now if you had asked me to help you assemble a system package like this, purchased it from me and then turned around and flipped it for a big profit, that would be a little upsetting... but then again well within your right as you would be the current owner.

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How much would shipping to the uk be ?????

Send me a PM with your Postal Code and I can check other carriers as well, but so far, USPS looks like only a Priority Mail International option:


Box #1 - 40"x20"x10" 40pds = $157.65

Box #2 - 18"x12"x8" 15pds. = $86.40


So in the ballpark of $250 for just the shipping and then I would also insure these properly, so that a further charge. Prices fluctuate, so these numbers could change up or down.


As far as the ADAM box (the big one), it looks like I could send it intact, not have to fold it up and place into smaller boxes if I am understanding the USPS box size max dimensions correctly.... "Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"". Can someone chime in concerning box #1 and if it's within these parameters?

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It has been my experience that most of the postal workers don't even know the rules. Your best bet is having it done and paid online with all your forms printed or paperwork in order. Use the usps.com website for all the quotes and have it printed out.


Your girth is

10" + 20" + 10" + 20" = 60" + Length 40" = 100"




You are under 108" so I say you are safe.

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Pm sent. I want this fantastic item.

Thank you. I'll get everything put together for you re. shipping and payment and send off a PM.

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