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Gauntlet use all the 64KBs and it's in GR.15 Bitmap Mode.

In static gfxs like walls, bottles,... they aren't much and couldn't even be 'loaded on the fly' the ones needed per each level.

And what about ANTIC4 charmode (all the same, like our guys as PMGs only)? Even if all the code has to be done from scratch would we have enough chars in one charset for all those enemys moving on screen (that in a charmode more would be needed because of the shifting)?

And anyway possible that 4ways scrolling and multiple charsets (even if it would be only possible to be released on larger Memory cart)?


It's not really a game that I really think that anyone would take all this hard work but just because I always wondered if the A8 could had it with the 5th/PF3 one more colour.

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