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Lisalover1's House of Wares: Neo-Geo AES Modded, Caanoo, DSi, etc.

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For Sale (Bargaining Encouraged:


CiB Black DSi - $65

Boxed PSP-1000 (Hacked) - $60

iPad 2 3G 64 GB CDMA -$350



Pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/11336887 ... gNfZn4eoMw




I also have the following systems for sale that aren't working quite right. I'm not looking to sell these for a lot, or even anything at all, but PM me and we'll see how things go.


Xbox 360 (Banned, Softmodded)

PSP-1000 (Won't power on, not same PSP as above)







Sega Master System games. Not looking for anything common released in the US; mainly looking for PAL stuff or rarer NTSC titles.


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manual (Gamecube)

Mario Power Tennis (Gamecube)

Mario Party 5/6/7 (Gamecube)

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (Gamecube)

Pokemon Box (Gamecube)

Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)

Radirgy (Gamecube)

Star Soldier (Gamecube)

Mr. Driller (Gamecube)

Kururin Squash (Gamecube)

Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Gamecube)

Bleach GC (Gamecube)

Homeland (Gamecube)

Giftpia (Gamecube)

Donkey Konga 3 (Gamecube)

Doshin the Giant (Gamecube)

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Is this the US release of the console?

Yes, but since it has the Unibios mod, you can switch between regions as you please.


Also, the thread has been updated with a bunch of other stuff!

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what are you asking for the DSi?

Well, the reason I don't list prices on these is so I can get offers on them. Given that this strategy has lead to 90% of responders asking this question, I think it'll be easier just to give in and give ballpark prices. Let's start with $75 + shipping.

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sent u a pm i have three of the gamecube titles u are looking for: twi'ight princess, ddr mario mix cib with pad also cib, and star soldier.

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