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Runner (2600)

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Well, after many moments of frustration, and tons of help from this great community that is atariage.com. I have finished my first game called Runner.


You are Mr Runner, and you like running. But out to spoil your pleasent run are walls and spinning heads that try to hinder you. Avoid the walls and shoot the heads for points.

Press fire to exit the titlescreen and gameover screen.




DOWNLOAD - Runner.bas.bin

DOWNLOAD SOURCE - runner.bas


Future plans:

More walls and heads on the screen if I ever learn how to use virtual sprites

New sprites when I come up with a theme


Please add your thoughts.

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When I get to understand how to do multiple sprites I'll make it more difficult over time. By making everything except the player move faster, but that's prolly a long way into the future.

Yeah, I agree on that. I'm working on a new game with the new knowledge I've gained. And I'm learning more and more. I'm going to experiment with sound in this game.

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