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Coleco ADAM Computer Package - Lots of extras!

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This is the last of 3 large ADAM Computer Packages that I have made available to AtariAge members. If you have been considering picking up an ADAM Computer, I would seriously consider this package as it will be the last one I assemble and eBay is not the best option to use when buying ADAM Computers unless you get lucky with an honest seller.



I have up for sale a very large ADAM Computer package that I have meticulously assembled with the idea of offering it up for sale to someone here on AtariAge that has been looking to buy one of these systems, but did not want to go thru all the time, hassle and expense of finding "working" components of the system.... let alone test and clean everything and then acquire software to use with it.


Each item listed out below has been tested, disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled and tested again very thoroughly over the course of the last three weeks to the best of my abilities and using all the available ColecoVision and ADAM test utility cartridges and software that I have available to me. As far as the system and all the extras stand, they are in 100% working condition and physically are in good condition.


Local pickup is very welcome if you are within a reasonable distance. Shipping will be via the best option that I can find, not necessarily the cheapest, with USPS being the frontrunner currently and will be insured accordingly. The ADAM Computer lot will be packaged up into two separate boxes that combined will weigh roughly 40pds. I have yet to package everything up, but as soon as I do, I will post details of the box sizes and weight so that shipping cost estimates can be made.


I will consider any and all Foreign purchasers.


Here is the complete list of everything I have amassed along with a large number of pictures:


:arrow: Complete ADAM Stand-Alone Computer System with built-in ColecoVision

- Memory Console (Revision 80 - last one made by Coleco)

- NEW OLD STOCK - ADAM Logic Board installed in Memory Console

- Digital Data Drive (has been speed calibrated)

- False Digital Data Drive Door

- Printer with built-in system Power Supply (printer ribbon and print wheel in good shape)

- Keyboard with ADAMnet Cable and Hand Controller Attachment

- 2 Hand Controllers

- RFI Kit

- ADAM RF Switchbox with RF Cable


:arrow: Set of ADAM Owner's Manuals

- Programming with ADAM: A Simple Guide to SmartBASIC

- ADAM Set-Up Manual: Getting Started

- ADAM System Check-Out and Trouble-Shooting Guide

- ADAM SmartWRITER Easy Reference Guide

- ADAM Word Processing: Typing with ADAM

- Supplement to the ADAM Set-Up Manual for the SmartWRITER Printer (not pictured)


:arrow: Coleco ADAM 5 1/4" Floppy Disk Drive

- original Power Supply

- 3ft ADAMnet flat cable

- Disk Manager software (copy, not original)


:arrow: Coleco ADAM 64K Memory Expander (Coleco brand, not 3rd Party)

- byte tested to be good from address 00000 to 65535 with Homebrew test software

- with original Manual


:arrow: Wico Command Control Joystick for CV or ADAM


:arrow: 2 blank ADAM Digital Data Packs (1 Loran brand - the manufacturer of DDPs for Coleco)


:arrow: PitStop cartridge with manual (French/Canadian release)


:arrow: Coleco ADAM software on Data Packs:

- Buck Rogers Super Game (original)

- Donkey Kong Super Game (original)

- Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (original)

- SmartBASIC (original)

- SmartLOGO (original case, replacement DDP)

- VideoTunes (a terrific 3rd Party music composition program) (original)


:arrow: ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk (copies of Homebrew/3rd Party releases):

- ADAM Bomb II (the best game ever made for the ADAM... hands down)

- BrainStorm (a great mix of Tetris and Hangman)

- CopyCart+ v2.0 (the best cartridge copy program)

- Diablo (one of my favorite ADAM games)

- Family Feud Question Pack

- Family Feud Writer (make your own Question Packs)

- File Manager v3.0 (the best copy utility program with numerous features)

- Jeopardy Question Pack

- Jeopardy Writer (make your own Question Packs)

- MicroChip (a tremendous Homebrew game made in 1995)

- Temple of the Snow Dragon (2 disk monster of a graphics adventure game)


:arrow: ADAM Software on 5 1/4" Disk (copies of Coleco releases)

- ADAM Utilities (a collection of Coleco In-House utilities for testing the ADAM Computer)

- ADAMCalc

- CP/M 2.2 & Assembler

- Disk Manager (included with the 5 1/4" Disk Drve)

- Electronic FlashCard Maker

- ExperType

- Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Wordbook Ever (2 disk set)

- SmartBASIC

- SmartFILER with manual

- SmartLOGO

- 2010: The Text Adventure

- The ADAM Home Software Library (for the 32 Basic Programs book)

- B.C. II: Grog's Revenge

- Best of B.C., The

- Best of Broderbund, The

- Best of Electronic Arts, The

- Buck Rogers Super Game

- Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park Enhanced

- Dam Busters Super Game

- Donkey Kong Super Game

- Donkey Kong Junior Super Game

- Donkey Kong Junior Super Game (5 screen version)

- Dragon's Lair

- Family Feud

- Front Line Super Game (Demo) - includes a special replica Coleco style disk label

- Jeopardy (2 disk set)

- SubRoc Super Game

- Temple of Apshai (by Epyx)

- Troll's Tale

- Tunnels & Trolls (Demo)

- Zaxxon Super Game


I am not including the beautiful set of Coleco replica labels made by PBoland and myself with this package, but if you are interested in obtaining these labels, I have provided thread link with full pictures of the labels and disk sleeves, pricing and how to order. The labels and disk sleeves are only $1.50 each!!!




:arrow: A SPECIAL BONUS... I will make you a DVD of my entire ColecoVision and ADAM collection of digital files (rather large) including almost everything ever made fo the ADAM software wise in Disk and DDP image files, emulators, manuals, pictures, rom images, ADAM to PC conversion utilities, etc., etc. If you have a PC with a 5 1/4" drive that can boot into DOS, you can supply yourself with any software program you desire... you'll just need the disks and some free time. NO CURRENT HOMEBREW CARTRIDGE RELEASES INCLUDED unless they were released by their authors.


See all the pictures provided below!


And now, the big one, the price of this large package...




paid via PayPal or Cash














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