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AM2R - Another Metroid 2 Remake - IT'S GREAT!

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I recently tried a demo of a fan-made Metroid II remake called "AM2R" (short for "Another Metroid 2 Remake"), and I must say I was completely blown away!!! I has such a great time playing it that I felt downright compelled to mention it here on these forums. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and download the latest demo from here:




You need to have .NET Framework 2 or newer installed (which could be a problem if you're using Windows XP, but it comes standard under Vista, 7 and 8 so no problem there) and I recommend using a proper game controller because playing with the keyboard is somewhat difficult. The version of the demo which I played (version 1.21) seems to have a bug with the map display, and the game slows down or accelerates for no apparent reason sometimes (I hope the programmer fixes this) but otherwise this game will give you a Metroid boner, I guarantee it! :D


The graphics, the music, the in-game physics, the level design, everything is damn near perfect! This is Metroid done right, people!! If you can, please leave some encouraging comments for the guys behind this wonderful fan project. I'm going to join the official AM2R forum and give the team all the encouragement I can muster, and I will keep my fingers crossed that the game will be fully completed as soon as humanly possible.


Playing a high-quality fan-made game like AM2R really puts a smile on my face! :D

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This is making me think... we are TOTALLY due for another 2-D Metroid game.

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