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Free Arcade Tokens by Mail - Free Tokens + Contest (Free Consoles + Games)

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The Free Arcade Token promotion is back! Same rules as last year. Find the secret word on the web site, send in your mailing address, get a token in the mail.


This year the coins have a brand new double sided design. On the front of the coin you have the "attack fighter" and on the back you have the "pixel invader." The coins are available in gold and silver and are limited to a run of 1,000 each. MORE PICS HERE




BONUS: This year there is a contest to go along with the give away. 5 randomly chosen people will receive one of the following prizes.

  • Hyperkin Retro N3 Game Console with 3 Games and a Light Gun!
  • Sega Genesis 80 Games Classic Console with Wireless Controllers!
  • Ultimate Game Pack: One Game for Every System and PC!
  • GameStop Gift Card or iTunes Gift Card!
  • The Spam Prize: A Nice Collection of Spam Related Memorabilia and a REAL CAN OF SPAM!

EARLY BIRD PRIZE: Please be sure to include the secret word in the subject line of your email, along with your mailing address. The first 100 people to respond will also get a copy of our new Dig That Box Zine*, available only on the streets of Hollywood! (*It's a retro gaming zine.)


PLEASE NOTE: Your address must be verified to receive a token and / or a prize. We cannot ship prizes to P.O. boxes or APOS. Void where prohibited. By entering this contest you agree that you are over 18 years of age or have the express consent of your parent or guardian. This contest is open to everyone, no matter where you live in the world. PAL region prize winners can request substitute prizes. Limit one entry per household. The contest is open to everyone no matter where you live in the world.


MAILING DETAILS: The address verification process begins the second we receive your entry. Token mailing begins July 1st. We will mail at least 100 tokens per week and we will post weekly mailing updates on our video game newswire. Prize winners will be revealed at the end of the mailing process. Tokens and prizes are shipped separately. Please watch for our token mailing recap article to see all the exciting details of our global token mailing..


For people concerned about privacy or spam:


ANTI-SPAM GUARANTEE: You will not be contacted by digthatbox.com or any of its affiliates. We will not share your personal information with anyone. Once your token has been shipped your email will be destroyed. We value your privacy.


Please be sure to post here if you win one of the big prizes. Best of luck!


Special Thanks to Atari Age for allowing us to post this topic!

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