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WTB: Secam VCS 2600 console or bare board working. Ship to Italy

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I'm looking for a SECAM 2600 for cheap... There are some on ebay but they usually come with games and/or controllers and the shipping cost to Italy is about 25 - 30 EUR which is a bit expensive for me.

I want it to tinker with the hardware, so I'm only looking for the console, no power supply, cables, controllers, manuals, games, boxes or anything else. I don't care for the conditions of the case. Actually I'd prefer buying the bare board if that reduces the shipping cost. It's ok even if some of the switches snapped off (I have spare ones) as long as the console is working.

If you have one please let me know.



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Here is *yours* now. Working fine (power adapter was bad, video cable was bad, but console is fine)

That's an old CX2600S: French SECAM with French sticker; woody face; 4 switches; signal on "channel 36"; bottom of console like 6 switches one, with a black plastic tape to hide the holes.



PS: pictures included (Hero SECAM on the SECAM console: fine; Smurfs on the SECAM console: Smurf is green; console itself: good).







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