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FT Panasonic 3DO M2 FZ-35S

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I have a Panasonic M2 FZ-35S (VERY RARE) that was used as a kiosk at a local auto dealership. It is in Like New condition and everything is tested and working. It has the same underlying hardware as the 3DO M2 game systems that were never manufactured.



There were two games uploaded years later (never officially released) and I have both burnt to disc. One is a racing game and the other is a shmup. In theory, the M2 arcade titles would work if the bios could be modified, bootloader, etc. I have one of the arcade games but it doesn’t work on the stock unit.


The system includes the power cable and uses standard VGA, s-video, composite cables. There’s a switch on the back to select your preferred video mode. I do not have a controller, but a standard 3DO controller has been verified as working.


I removed the expansion plate (upper right rear) to see what was behind it. It turns out there was nothing there. For some reason I didn’t put it back on!? But I know I have it somewhere and will either ship it with the unit or drop it in an envelope and mail it separate if I can find it. I know I wouldn’t have thrown it out, but I just can’t seem to find it at the moment. It totally bugs me too!


I’ll probably kick myself later for parting with this, but I’m trying to build out my collection and looking for systems that have more games, as I also like to play games and not just collect them.


PLEASE NOTE: This system only has a couple games and MAY NEVER have anymore. It’s more geared toward the hardcore collector who must have every system.


I’m willing to trade for any two of the systems below. They must be in very good condition, completely working and come with all the necessary controllers, cables, etc.


Atari Jaguar + CD

Neo Geo CD



Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thanks.

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Well no one posted a response to his ad so, maybe he never got rid of it?

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Probably he got many personal messages. 3 years ago. ;) M2's are extremely rare and I'm sure he had no problem getting rid of it.

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These aren't very tough to come by. It's the top-loader console prototypes that are really desirable.

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