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Dan Iacovelli

Round 4 of the 2013 Harmony Games: Colony 7

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Time to announce the Forth Round of the Harmony games: Colony 7 (as suguested by toymailman on AtariAge.com)


This is Colony 7. Jarvian hostiles sighted inbound. Non combatant personnel are retreating to shuttle bay. We are preparing to defend position. City-wide shield is active. Gun emplacements are standing by. Special Weapon is primed.


We will not retreat.


We will survive.


Your mission is to defend Colony 7 from the evil Jarvians. Wave after wave of enemy fighters strafe the Colony's defensive shield, attempting to break through. You're in command of the Colony's defensive guns, unleashing a converging stream of laser fire at the attacking hordes. You must wipe out the invading craft before either the cannons or the entire Colony are destroyed.


Use your joystick to steer the targeting crosshairs around the screen. The defensive cannons will automatically fire salvo after salvo towards the current crosshair position. Your goal is to completely annihilate each attacking squadron, since even a single attacker breaking through can destroy your colony. If the situation seems desperate, hit the fire button to activate the Mega Blaster, your special weapon that, in one blast, will empty the sky. Use it sparingly. Each shot drains an entire Fuel Cell, of which the Colony has only three. If you succeed in destroying a squadron, it will soon be replaced a new, even more dangerous one.


Four different types of enemies will attempt to destroy your colony! The Fighter is the most common element of the Javian fleet, and several of them will attack simultaneously, first blasting away the Colony's defensive shield and ultimately destroying the colony itself. They will also destroy your cannons if you are not careful. When The Advisor appears, it will guide the fighters faster to their targets, so destroy it quickly! The Bomber will launch a guided payload directly at one of your cannons, so you must be alert for its presence and if it succeeds in launching its bomb, destroy it before it reaches its target. And when The Scout enters your field of view it will call in replacement ships, so be sure to give it your utmost priority!


Can you save Colony 7 from destruction?


Colony 7 was created by Manuel Rotschkar, whose previous Atari 2600 homebrew games include Gunfight, Seawolf, Star Fire, and Crazy Balloon. Colony 7 is modeled after the 1981 arcade game of the same name. If you've ever played the arcade game, you'll appreciate how Manuel Rotschkar has recreated the frenetic energy of the original on the Atari 2600!


down load the game here http://atariage.com/...areLabelID=2773

Good luck!! this round ends on June 6th


(at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10(any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point)

this is a simple game: with only one level guns are on austofire and fire is your smart bomb.

(if you have hints feel free to post, and I might give you a bonus point)


any scores for Hunchy II posted (for those who are not listed)

will now count as one point Juno first scores will no longer be accepted!!


(as always scores will only be upated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here)

(you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)

Edited by Dan Iacovelli

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Awesome game!! Thanks to Toymailman for suggesting this one. Also, big thanks to Dan I for putting the Harmony games contest together :thumbsup: :)

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it's july 6th I typoed and I can't edit (you can always check the forum at atari-users.net (I got the upadted scores posted there as well as on the website)

will work on the scores updated soon

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Great score!


Thanks, Mailman. I'm at my best with shooters. But I have a feeling this score won't last long :ponder:

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I just noticed on the website that the next round will be Laserman 2k3. Isn't this a graphical hack of Keystone Kapers? I like Keystone Kapers, but once you figure it out then it becomes an endurance type of game.


Might I suggest that the Harmony Games continue to focus on homebrews instead?

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