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Help! NTSC Games Think My Genesis is PAL

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I recently picked up a Model 1 Genesis without the "High Definition Graphics" on it and there is a problem. When I go to play some games, like Outrun 2019, X-Men, Sub-Terrania and Phantom 2040, I get a message like "This Game Was Designed for a NTSC Genesis". When a console says "Genesis" instead of "MegaDrive" on it, it's NTSC as far as I know. It also works fine with my NTSC TV and American AC adapter. Is there any reason for this? I can furnish pictures if requested. I really just want to play some Genesis games and I can't :(

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Could it be a modded system, or does it only do that with certain games.


I have no idea, I bought it from a guy who got it in a lot off of eBay. It only does it with certain games, the reason for that is that Sega Genesis has the region locking in the games instead of the console.

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