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using a gamepad with android tablet would appreciate any advice

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Hi, I have a Android tablet (Acer Iconia) that i picked up for 100 on Craiglist. Games like rpg's and others that dont require alot of precision key presses or fast action play fine with the onscreen "virtual controls" but most games are impossible. For example I die alot because i pressed outside of the virtual keypad, which is really annoying. Im trying to figure out the best possible solution. Any help would be appreciated. I want to fill up an SD card with all my favs, missed games or games i couldnt afford to collect in real life and have a mobile retro game device also if i pick up a HDMI cable i could use this on a tv which would make it my goto device for retro gaming. money is tight at the moment. so my first thought was using an old Wiiremote with a app called Wiiremote controller. I can get the tablet to work with it but it doesnt seem reliable in the actual games.,.. maybe im doing something wrong or using the wrong app. If Im gonna buy a dedicated controller I want to pick the right one so i dont waste my money on a contrioller that sucks or will fall apart.


So any advice from you guys would be appreciated.



THANKS !!!!!

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