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The NEW High Score Club S2 ~ Week 11 ~ Berzerk (Game 9)

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~ WEEK 11 ~

Berzerk (Game 9)



CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage is allowed in this HSC. Before you even consider using such non-sense a PM must be sent to me, the Moderator, to ask for clarification on any such advantage or rules and if any of the above variables are allowed. So assume you cannot use any of the above variables to play in the 2600 HSC until you are given authorization to do so by me, your humble yet strict MODERATOR!


Berzerk ~ (Game 9)

Released By: Atari

Left Difficulty: B / Novice

Right Difficulty: B / Novice

Game Mode: Game 9 ~ No Extra Lives-Invincible Evil Otto


Post your scores right here in this thread, and I will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else. The deadline for posting scores is Midnight the evening of July 28, 2013.




We just played (including this game) 3 games from the Top 20 games voted on by players like you.

Now how about the most HATED games. At least in your eyes.

Get 2 Bonus Points if you :

~POST a PIC of a game you really HATE!


~Tell us why you hate it so much.

If you do this the 2 bonus points are yours!




Berzerk ~ (Game 9) Scores


53650 - Shinobiedo (+25)(+2) Hates 'Oink' because it hurts his hand!

48870 - Keilbaca (+24)(+2) Hates 'Double Dragon' because he can never get a hit in!

48520 - Birdbot208 (+23)(+2) Hates 'Laser Blast' because it is boring and repetitive!

42770 - Khryssun (+22)(+2) Hates 'Skeet Shoot' because it is ugly and has poor gameplay!

42560 - NorthCoastGamer (+21)(+2) Hates 'Starmaster' because he can!

40080 - Liduario (+19)(+2) Hates 'Karate' because he got beaten as a kid. Bad memories!

33110 - SBAZ (+18)(+2) Hates 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' because it is tedious, boring and just no fun!

28160 - Zoyx (+17)(+2) Hates 'Commando Raid' because high expectations = disappointment.

15530 - Vocelli (+16)(+2) Hates 'Megamania' because it pisses me off and I cannot ever improve my score. Curses!

9710 - Darthkur (+15)(+2) Hates 'Swordquest: Earthworld' because he cannot get far and there was way too much hype for the game!

9120 - SnakeBoy (+14)(+2) Hates 'Miner 2049er' because it is so painfully slooooow compared to other superior excellent versions (I agree)!

7600 - Scrabbler15 (+13) (+2) Hates 'Bridge' because it makes no sense to have the card game bridge as a video game!

7430 - Karokoenig (+12)(+2) Hates 'Time Race' because it is a bad excuse for a space shooter!

7230 - Gorfy (+11)(+2) Hates 'Sea Hunt' because it has bad graphics, bad control and bad gameplay!

6550 - ClassicGamer27033 (+10)(+2) Hates 'Combat' because it is 2 player and cannot be played alone!

6210 - WeirdPaul (+9)(+2) Hates ' Video Chess' because it cheats!

5780 - SpiceWare (+8)(+2) Hates 'Burgertime' because it is slow and has bizarre enemies!

5110 - MisterVCS (+7(+2) Hates 'Realsports' Boxing' because he loses to his nephew most of the time!

5040 - Aftermac (+6)(+2) Hates 'Joust' because it is frustrating and the stupid floating eggs!

4830 - NIKON (+5)(+2) Hates 'ET' because the holes are tiring!

4740 - LarcenTyler (+4)(+2) Hates 'Golf' because getting a great score is almost impossible!

4730 - Oyamafamily (+3)(+2) Hates 'Casino' because he hates card games!

4630 - Ashkin2002 (+2)(+2) Hates 'Space Attack' because he just doesn't get it and it is hard!

4320 - Ferghead (+1)(+2) Hates 'Fishing Derby' because it is more boring than real fishing!

4230 - TheSmirk (+1)(+2) Hates 'Q-Bert' because the controls are wonky!

3950 - Fallout002 (+1)

3860 - Atariano (+1)

3640 - WickeyColumbus (+1)(+2) Hates 'Stellar Track' because he hates text games!

3480 - CraftsmanMike (+1)(+2) Hates '61Basic Math' because it eludes his collection!

2620 - JBlenkle (+1)







The Top 24 make it to the Bracket Challenge at the end of the season. Thanks to Gorfy for the overall standings update!


1. Liduario Y 240

2. S.BAZ 217

3. Northcoastgamer O 209

4. Gorfy Y 207

5. Vocelli Y 194

6. Spiceware 189

7. Oyamafamily 188

8. Zoyx O 187

9. Snakeboy 175

10. Keilbaca 165

11. Karokoenig 132

12. Aftermac 127

12. Scrabbler15 127

14. Darthkur 110

15. Skosh 93

16. Classicgamer27330 92

17. Shinobiedo 89

18. The Smirk 78

19. RJ 75

20. NIKON 70

21. Mister-VCS 68

22. Larcen Tyler 64

23. CraftsmanMIKE 51

24. Fallout002 46


25. Vaughan 42

26. Ferghead 37

27. KeyboardCowboy 30

28. Roadrunner 25

29. Stan 22

30. Gray 21

30. Zeptari1 21

30. jblenkle 21

33. Star Knight 20

34. Turnquest 19

34. WickeyColumbus 19

34. Birdbot 19

37. Weird Paul 16

38. Yarjr 15

39. DoctorTom 12

40. DTKofoed 11

41. Red Tide 9

42. Ahuffman 6

43. Darrin9999 4

43. W.Lefeavers 4

43. Algus 4

43. Dan I 4

47. JacobZu7Zu7 1

47. BSA Starfire 1

47. Atariano 1



NEW SEASON ~ The NEW High Score Club Season 2 LINE-UP


We are CURRENTLY playing 1 game from the ‘Top 100 Atari Games’ list that have ranked in the top 20.

Next week.. Unique Week 2


We will play 3 of your suggestions.


Wow, we will play 2 homebrews.

~~~ Lady Bug

~~~ToyShop Trouble

We will play 3 of your suggestions

Paddle weeks. We will Play 2 Paddle Games

We will play 3 of your suggestions

We will play 2 games that were NEVER played.

The last 3 weeks we will play Wild Cards. Double points and beat the leader weeks.

There will be several UNIQUE weeks !

Estimated # of Weeks is 30-35.

Edited by Vocelli

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I hate Karate for Atari.

I hate because I was beaten too many times by cousin when I was a kid.

Now I can play and with much effort beat the pc but there's no real reward on this.

To control your limbs is the real fight on this one.



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Sweet! A game I have on cart! No emulator anymore this week :-). Here's my first score, game 9 B/B: 4,940.


And here's my hated game... I'll give you a crappy screenshot (yes, I need a new RF switch...) PLUS a shot of the cart: Time Race by Suntek. That is one of the three Atari 2600 carts I found last September when cleaning out an old drawer in my parents' house. I had completely forgotten about the 2600 since - I dunno - 1985. 5 minutes after I found those carts, I was online and had a used 2600Jr ordered off Amazon. Today, 9 months later, my collection comprises 118 different Atari 2600 games, a few dozen NES games, a few dozen Mega Drive games, a dozen Master System games, loads of Game Boy games and a few PS1 games. Together with the consoles, of course. Go figure.


What's so bad aout this game? Well, it's an awful clone of an already extremely mediocre game: Space Jockey. Time Race is one of the worst excuses for a space shooter you can think of. I got the game in 1983, and I hated it as a kid. Imagine having Time Race in your rack, while the other kids had Vanguard, Demon Attack and other fine games.


However, as bad as the game is, it will always have a special place in my heart. After all, together with Q-Bert and Grand Prix (the other two I found in the drawer), it lies at the core of my new vintage console/game collection. The serial number "001" of the game gets a whole new meaning.




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Slightly better score: 5,960.

I think I don't really like this game. Too many lame random deaths from spawning between a rock and a hard place.


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Sea Hunt by Froggo


What's not to hate? From the very first strains of the incredibly inane theme music to the painfully immature graphics to the wretched control and gameplay, this game proves itself to be mighty special.


The screenshot shows my man with his harpoon amongst three fish. The first task of the game is to harpoon the three fish. I've never done it. Usually, I just jump in and die as I struggle to figure out the controls. :? :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:


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Nice highscore list on the bottom right of the picture, Gorfy :grin:


Haha! Thanks!! You can tell I'm an exceptionally well-organized person :ponder:

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I never played much Berzerk, so I guess this is my chance. But not too swift at it so far.........

First submitted score: 2,480


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What's the roll score for this?


Edit: Not that I am going to roll it... my all-time hi-score for game 9 was 19370

Edited by Zoyx

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Lets get the bonus taken care of right away. At the current time, and for some time now, 61 BASIC MATH is my most hated game :woozy: . The reason for that is, it is the last in the "gatefold" series that I need to complete my collection. I have watched a few recently go for over :-o $200.00 :-o !!! They were nice, but thats way to much!! And it's only rated a 4 in the rarity guide. Anybody got any for sale? ;-) ? :grin: ? ;-) ? :grin: ?post-33986-0-25181400-1374343644_thumb.jpg

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BONUS: Game most HATED by me - CASINO

WHY? I hate playing card games in general, including Black Jack and Poker. Solitaire (Patience) is the unique card game which I played.



Edited by oyamafamily

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What's the roll score for this?


Edit: Not that I am going to roll it... my all-time hi-score for game 9 was 19370


You can score over 100,000 points in Berzerk, because the scoreboard has 6 digits.

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I like these quick hit challenges.



I agree, I also love the new game being posted Saturday this season. It breaks up the games a bit over the weekend. Cram on the old, take a break testing out the new.

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As far as a game I hate, Commando Raid. I was a big fan of Sabotage for the Apple, and I had high expectations for Commando Raid being a good clone. It wasn't. The hit detection was awful, and the limited range of your missile launcher were big let downs.



Edited by Zoyx

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Hi all,


So many years since my last participation to this event. ;-)


I'am glad to be back with... a ugly score of 3940.


Sorry for the screenshot, I don't know why Z26 stretched it vertically.





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Clarification, game 9 offers no extra lives at a certain point level, or we're only playing one life and taking a screen shot? Just loaded up game 9 B/B and I get 3 lives to start? Sounds dumber as I type it, but want to be sure. :dunce:

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