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Best Intellivision in The World?

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eBay Auction -- Item Number: 1510862157481?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=151086215748&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


Description translated. lol



The best Intellivision World ... unique!

The ultimate modification - for the ambitious player Intellivision.


The following modifications were made in perfect execution:


- Installation 2 additional joystick ports on the front:

With adapter (also built by me!) For playing with default joystick (Atari 2600, Competition Pro, etc.)

- Installation AV signal output (3X RCA / Gold Plated)

- Built contrast control (essential for optimal image quality)

- Mounting heatsinks (prevents heat up the board)

- Installation LED "power-on" light


It was used an absolutely NEUWERTIGE console.

Time required for the conversion of approximately 50 hours.

The console was played about 20 hours of testing after the conversion.


The additional joystick ports can be used as follows:

- For standard Intellivision Controller (finally a longer cable!)

- For standard joystick ATARI 2600, Competition Pro etc.


Playing with the standard joystick Warer IS A TREAT!


It is the rare model 5156 was used. This has the advantage that all important IC / sound chips are socketed (not soldered as in the model of sand). This could be the event that one IC is broken, replace it without consuming aus-/einlöten.


A better Intellivision does not exist.

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Interesting. Not sure I'd pay 500 euros for it though. I'd like to hear pimpmaul's thoughts on this and whether he could duplicate it.

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Impossible. We all know that the best Intellivision in the world is the EmilyVisionTM!


But seriously ... this is really just a collection of modifications which aren't that difficult to do on an individual basis. All that is required to install a power LED is a resistor, a cheap LED and holder from Radio Shack, some wires to attach it to the cartridge port's power and ground pins, and a blob of hot glue on the back to hold everything together; that's exactly how INTV did it in their System III consoles. For the heatsinks, just use modern PC RAM heatsink material and some thermal tape. The A/V output and joystick port mods are a little more substantial, but again, the plans for those can be found on the Web if you look around.

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Nice but, modifications means more things to break down or fail, that's true with anything. I prefer things simple, less headaches. :thumbsup: ;)

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"NEUWERTIGE" == new quality. So the molested unit was brand new?


- J


It rather says: almost new/used but like new

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