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My 1 year atari computer anniversary and a shout out to the Guru's

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Well I was cleaning the basement the other day and I found the box that I got my 800xl and all the extras in when I bought it. It had my receipt in there and I was surprised to see that about 3 weeks ago was the one year anniversary of my purchase. The reason I was so surprised is that I've accomplished so much with it in just a year. I had not given it much thought but I just figured I had owned this thing longer then that. My little hobby projects usually take me months, and more often then not they don't get finished. This was my first vintage computer purchase and I really didn't know that much about it. But in this first year I've typed in more basic games then I can count, modded my 410 to accept a line in from my Ipod, built an SIO2PC rs232 and an SIO2PC usb housed together in a data switch, set up an atari server on an old laptop, repaired a 1050, and copied tons of games onto floppies. Thats just my atari projects. I've done more with my TI 99/4a and my vic 20 in this year also. Now I say this not to brag but to thank the members of this community. I had very little skill with these types of things before I joined this community last year. I consider my atari 800xl one of the best purchases I've ever made because its been so educational. There are some members I want to give a special thanks to because they have been so helpful in specific ways to me.




Magic Knight


You guys are the cassette Gurus! My silly little 410 line in idea only worked because of your fantastic software and your knowledge of the 410 drive. It was the first time I was able to take games from the net and play them on my atari. I was so excited to play games other then the 10 carts that came with my atari.




Your the SIO2PC Guru. I'm very happy with all the help you gave me especially because you sell the items you helped me build for myself. You could have just said "Yea its kinda tough. Why don't you just buy one from me". Instead you shared all of your knowledge and answered every post I made on the topic. I really appreciate all of your help.


There have been many others who have helped me along the way and I'm sorry if I didn't give you a shout out too. Any ways thanks to all for being so helpful and sharing your knowledge..... I look forward to seeing what I learn in the next year.

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