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Lynx HSC 2013 Round 8 Pac Land

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The August Lynx high score club game of the month is Pac Land

post-22103-0-74647200-1375346026_thumb.png post-22103-0-99056900-1375346047_thumb.png

Deadline to post scores is September 1st 2013

Settings - Trip number 1 (Default)

Lynx HSC Record is 317,040 by EricDeLee
Bust this record for 1 bonus point!

Side Challenge -

Play another version of Pac Land
One point per person.

darthkur 31,220 (TG16) +1 point
roadrunner 25,760 (MAME) +1 point
jblenkle 9,750 (MAME) +1 point

Final High Scores -

104,950 Der Luchs +11 points +3 points
48,120 PFG 9000 +10 points
25,140 roadrunner +9 points
16,840 masematte +8 points
16,450 darthkur +7 points
11,330 atariano +6 points
5,900 jblenkle +5 points

Current Point Standings -

Tempest2k (22)
Peyo (51)
Cosi (15)
PFG 9000 (27)
roadrunner (59)
classicgamer_27330 (6)
zylon (29)
darthkur (45)
NIKON (27)
jblenkle (42)
Der Luchs (70)
Rebel (10)
BillyHW (1)
masematte (11)
atariano (9)

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post.

Edited by roadrunner

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Hey Guys,

sorry for the delay, ain't got no time to play :-(

so, here's my first score, not a new record, but Ok for the

first time...

Maybe I will have tomorrow some time to play it...




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I wish I had more time to play this. I just recently picked it up (found it in the wild, no less!) and I'm surprised how deep the gameplay is. I had emulated it years ago and thought it was very shallow, but I had not played enough to find Fairyland and the flying boots and all that good stuff. I think the controls and hit detection hold it back a bit, and it's still a far cry from the quality and detail of Scrapyard Dog, but still very worth picking up for platformer fans.

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