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Hi guys,roaming village idiot in need of advice :) I managed to find - if that's the right word - some rare games. I say find,theyre a find if you guys can help me verify the authenticity. I might just be being paranoid but is there such a thing as a pirate copy of things like Spiker? I'm just beginning to dip into this level of rarity,throw anything Nintendo at me and Ill spot the tiniest flaw at 100 yards blindfold on a galloping horse at midnight~but the Intellivision is a new world to me.


Anyway,much excitement boiling in me I went to take a peek at a few games a collector is offering. Now among his collection were games like Pole position,body slam,slap shot,super pro skiing,super pro decathlon and the REAL rarities,a Spiker & Mud Buggies. To me they all looked much of a muchness but up close the boxes looked a different texture on the card. Is this just a normal variation? The Spiker & Super Pro decathlon were almost like a canvas finish if you get my drift,kinda like a fine cross hatching on the surface. I noticed other boxes were smoother .


The SPDecathlon was pretty rough but the Spiker near mint. The Mud Buggies was also a bit rough too and had the same sort of finish. All looked to 'have age' .The instructions inside were a bit coloured on the outside folds ,the internal folded sections being much whiter as you'd often find.


The carts - here Im struggling! On the rear of 'standard' Intellivision games I see on some ~ Mattel 1979 and copyright Mattel etc yet on others just a plain white label on the cart and nothing on the rear. Is this again standard ? These carts were all plain on the rears .


Among my other collecting obsessions Im stumbling on Intellivision stuff,happily from some Nintendo collectors Ive dealt with for years,but where I can talk with authority on Nintendo stuff Im flamin' struggling on Intv gear. Im probably missing bargains & paying too much for other bits but in a grim kinda way its a perverse part of the appeal. Not that I'd be excited to have missed a Congo Bongo at £50 of course but Im enjoying the learning curve-steep as it's proving to be.


I didn't expect to find such rarity here in the UK given worldwide mythology surrounding such games nowadays but Im also concerned and don't want to be a complete plum and rush in and buy a flippin' pirate game.


Any tips? These games aren't going anywhere as the chap owes me a few £hundred for some gear I sourced him so he's 'in my pocket' (I wish!) Anyway I just had to ask,I was a bit loathe to start asking to take pics as I had forgotten my camera and even phone so it'd have been taking the Michael to ask to borrow his camera but I can try to get some tomorrow or the day after.


Its burning my butt knowing there are titles like that round the corner,OK he's not giving them away but if theyre genuine hopefully theyre a good buy at UK (daylight robbery) prices! Its hard to find anything definitive as to what I should be paying for a Mud Buggies or Spiker (or pro decathlon) so again any help would be very much appreciated!!!


Its half past stupid o'clock here in the UK now so Ill check in tomorrow and see if I can pop some pics up if I can get time to go chase the guy down for a few minutes among the stupid work stuff that blights my life ;-)

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Looks like you double posted this thread. Maybe try and delete this one or ask a mod to do so.

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