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Atari 800 vs SIO2SD

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I just got a Rev B Colleen off of Ebay. Once I cleaned off the contacts for the function keys, everything seemed to work. Cartridges are no problem. All the keys seem to work in notepad. Joy 1 is the only port I've used but it is fine. All the expansion slots are filled but I'm not sure how much RAM I have; have not looked up how to check that yet.


When I plugged in my SIO2SD (Lotharek-made and cased) I found that it froze on the beautiful blue TURBO SIO2SD screen. Nothing will load and the reset button does nothing. I thought maybe I needed the basic cart in the slot but no improvement. I've held the OPTION key and pressed start as well as SELECT. The SIO2SD works on my 800XL, 130XE, and tricked out 1200XL.


I did some rudimentary Google searches without any luck. I also did not see any stated incompatibilities between the 800 and the SIO2SD.


Any ideas what is going on here?

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If the SIO2SD is set to High-Speed SIO, the 800 won't load anything.

There should be a setting (read: button combo on SIO2SD) that disables that...


That did the trick. Thanks! Got into config file and turned off high speed SIO then removed Basic cart and restarted.

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