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The NEW High Score Club S2 ~ Week 15 ~ Venture

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I am on the board.

Vocelli: 11,000


Can't seem to kill all 3 dragons on the same screen.

But getting close.




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I got bored in this season of 2600 HSC, so, I entered the highscore.com to submit my scores with VIDEOS.

I submitted two scores until now at highscore.com:

1) Frostbite - 2600 port - Difficulty A/Expert, Game 1 - 497,470 points

2) Joust - 2600 port - Difficulty B/Novice, Normal Skill - 1,000,000+ points (Rolled The Score).

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Venture: 21500 (+3 bonus for 3 single dragon slayings)



I finally got a camera folks !


I have not yet succeeded in getting the dragon corpses together, but I think I'm on to something...


good idea Vocelli, putting Adventure in with this one. funny I hadn't really played either of these but you are right, it is better than Venture! I had got a bad impression about this game for some reason but surprisingly I'm enjoying it very much. I really get a kick out of that bat


I'm not too impressed with Venture but I have to say I'm enjoying working on improvements and I like it better than Time Warp or Coco Nuts or Wabbit or Commando Raid (which is a decent game I know but I don't enjoy it!). I don't like how unresponsive Venture is when I try to turn around and shoot. It doesn't handle so well like Berzerk.


I do like when my dot gets faster though. and i like the Griffons.


a couple tips:


*as the manual says, max out the score for a room by saving enemies until after you get the treasure

BUT, when it gets difficult (for me that means the second blue map, or "Level 2b"), change it up and shoot to kill whenever their movements are not looking favorable, so you can at least survive and get some points. I kept dying trying to always max the points, and got no further than 14k.


*also, don't forget you can run out of a room at any time, so if you're not making it to the treasure quickly, just run out & go back in! shooting everything in your way! (they'll be back when you come back in so you wont lose points) that will save you a lot of deaths by the "evil otto" ghost-thing.


I was out walking yesterday when I thought of these two strategies, and when I got home I got my new score.

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Man, I have none of the games for these last few HSC's, Im doomed!


Hope the next game is common enough for me to have!

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I think I'm getting worse at this game, but I managed to buck the trend slightly.


11,300 points



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+2 bonus: 2 Dragons & 3 Dragons !!



it worked, I finally got the trick down

that waskuwwy bat!

flying dragons around what a fun game


thanks Lid for the tip, that & your pic lead me to finally succeed

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Adventure screenshots :


Yellow Green Red

post-27-0-73091700-1377466821_thumb.jpg post-27-0-88884400-1377466835_thumb.jpg post-27-0-84746300-1377469457_thumb.jpg


3 dragons on the same screen (2 pics because of flicker):


post-27-0-26065500-1377469593_thumb.jpg + post-27-0-77547700-1377469624_thumb.jpg

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