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GC and Game Boy Player Noise reduction?

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I only ever use my GC to play Game Boy games on the telly as I use my Wii for any GC game-play and I can just leave my GBP boot disc in the 'Cube permanently without faffing around.

The only problem is the 'Cube is fairly noisy. I know it's not XBox 360 noisy but certainly noisy enough to irritate my partner when she's trying to get to sleep!

Do you guys think it would be really bad to disconnect the fans of the Gamecube so that it would be silent? My gut tells me that it would probably be okay as the CPU, GPU and RAM aren't doing anything so therefore not generating heat. Am I right in thinking that while using the GBP the 'Cube is essentially just a pass through device for powering the GBP and outputting it's video signal?

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