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Snatch's B/S/T: Atari manuals/inserts/catalogs, various games

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All prices are without shipping. Feel free to make an offer if you see a price you don't like. I will gladly send pics of anything. Positive feedback here, NintendoAge and Racketboy. Want list at the bottom.


Prices are without shipping. Shipping to Canada is tough unless you're making me an offer I can't refuse. Please ask any questions you like. Want list at the bottom (short version: I want CIB Sega stuff).

ALL CIB except NFL (no overlays for that one)

Sharp Shot $3
Q*Bert $10
Popeye (box is a little water warped but very much intact) $10
Happy Trails (top flap of box missing) $20
Space Hawk $3
Star Strike $2
Poker & Blackjack $2
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons $7
Armor Battle $2
NFL Football $2

Heavy Sixer console x2 (not tested...yet) Make Offer
Superman Tele-Games text version $20

Atari Manuals/Inserts/Catalogs (feel free to make offer on anything)

Miscellaneous Inserts
Atari Game Catalog (1982, booklet)
Atari Game Catalog (1983, foldout)
Atari Cartridge 90 Day Warranty page
Atari Accessory 90 Day Warranty card x2
Tips on Getting E.T. Home Fast! (foldout hint page)
Swordquest: Earthworld comic (front and back cover are loose)
Swordquest: Earthworld Challenge foldout entry form
Wico company product survey card for joystick
Cookie Monster Munch Kid’s Controller overlay (two arrows missing)
Alpha Beam with Ernie Kid’s Controller overlay (x2, both intact)

Atari Manuals
Atari 2600 CX2600 owner’s manual
Star Raiders
Pac-Man x2
Pac-Man (multi-language version)
Space Invaders x2
Haunted House
Keystone Capers
River Raid
Swordquest: Earthworld
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Raiders of the Lost Ark (front and back covers are loose)
Cookie Monster Munch
Alpha Beam with Ernie
Pole Position
Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups
Missile Command
Missile Command (smaller sized version)
Maze Craze
Target Fun

Colecovision Manuals
Cosmic Avenger
Mr. Do!
Omega Race

Alpine Skiing cart $2
Baseball cart $2

Sega Master System
Penguin Land cart $9
SpellCaster cart $9
Input module for 3D Glasses (or if you have the glasses alone, they're in my Want list) Offer

DEMO CD: Lunar Silver Star Story $3

Nintendo DS
Starfox Command CIB (all inserts) $12

Nintendo DS empty boxes
Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash w/ manual $7
Hot Wheels Beat That! w/ manual $3
Hot Wheels Track Attack w/ manual $3
Diddy Kong Racing DS w/ manual $3
Super Mario 64 DS w/o manual $3
Pokemon Black Version 2 box/manual and inserts (Nintendo code used) $8

Super Nintendo
Super Scope, game, manual, no sensor $15

Sega Genesis
Model 2 system with all hookups and 2 controllers, tested $20
Winter Olympic Games Lillehammer ’94 cart $1
Jurassic Park cart $1

Sega Game Gear
Super Battle Tank CIB (box smooshed) $3

Sega Saturn
Sega Rally disc only $2

Sega Dreamcast
Sega Rally $3
Chu Chu Rocket $10
Toy Commander disc only (disc is really beat but works!) $2

Big Box PC Games
Rebel Assault II CIB (Mac) $10
Ultimate Flight IV sealed $5
Populous: The Beginning sealed $30

Miscellaneous Manuals
Poker & Blackjack Intellivision $1
NES Cleaning Kit $1
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues SNES $2
Tom and Jerry SNES $1




As of now I want any games for Sega consoles or the NES. Interested in decent common games as much as uncommon/rare ones.

Below are specific examples of what I'm looking for but again please let me know what you have. Chances are I need it!

Master System

Any uncommon/rare titles

Cloud Master

Slap Shot NA version
Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Alex Kidd series (sans The Lost Stars)
3D Glasses only, I already have the input for them

Any uncommon/rare titles
Revenge of Shinobi non-Best Of version
Golden Axe non-Best Of version
Splatterhouse 2
Toe Jam & Earl

Sega CD
Snatcher (my personal white whale)
Eternal Champions CD
Earthworm Jim CD

Street Fighter III Double Impact
Manual for Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
Cannon Spike

SMS and Genesis manuals I need:

Double Dragon SMS
Rescue Mission SMS
Walter Payton Football
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
Need new cover art for Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
Need box and manual for Aztec Adventure, Global Defense, and Penguin Land

688 Attack Sub
Shadow Dancer
Steel Empire
Castle of Illusion
The Lion King
Super Battleship
Super Thunder Blade
Tint Toons Acme All Stars
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Genesis)
Need cover art for Atomic Runner
Need many box/manuals, can't really list them all but if you have some PM me

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When adding pics, be sure to hit the 'add to post' button after uploading. Failing that, maybe your file size is way too large or the format is incompatible (trying to upload a very large RAW file perhaps)?

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