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The NEW High Score Club S2 ~ Weeks 17/18 ~ Unique Week 3

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Improvement on Spider Fighter. Still hate this game :grin:


Spider Fighter: 37,690.


(edit) Got a question. The banana level always kills me. Will the game stay that fast if I manage to live through that, or does it get a bit slower again? Just asking, because if it gets slower, I might just give it another try or two.


It stays the same, it doesn't slow down. :)


EDIT: I will also be streaming Spider Fighter tonight. Feel free to tune in :)

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Centipede 178430



only a small improvement ...


no more Starcraft !



Ps could someone PLEASE give me tips? (Cough cough gsampson)


I want to second gsampson's tips #s 1-4.


as far as 5 & 6 I play a little different, when the centipede segments get to the bottom & start multiplying (actually any time they are low on the screen) I stop holding down the button and start picking them off with timely shots. I thought that was essential but now I see you can do it with non-stop rapid-firing as well


the other thing I do is leave my shooter in the center where it starts out, pushing up & only moving out of position to dodge spiders or what-not, and to clear away low mushrooms (which is actually quite a bit of dodging around). that way when you get the funnel built it is not over by the edge of the screen where the spider can come in and "cheap-shot" you unexpectedly.


Centipede is one of my all-time favorite 2600 games! I think it may be the best carry-over from an arcade game to 2600 (Qbert also comes to mind). Millipede is great too but for some reason I keep deciding I like Centipede better.


I really like Spiderdroid too! It seems to succeed better than Amidar with the thematic appeal of spiders flies & birds, then robot droids hunting skulls. That kicks ass over the ape & a painter & stuff in Amidar. I also had Pepper II in mind, I kept expecting the segments to "unzip" when I went back over them. Pepper II is a really fun game & fast-paced.


in Spiderdroid, watch their patterns. they always turn when they have a chance (except the border patrol guy) & only move to your area in a general way. watch where thy are going to turn & run horizontally (a lot) to get out of the way. or wait for them to pass by. they never chase you like pac-man ghosts, so don't be afraid to wait right next to them as they turn & go up or down right past you.


you can't decide on a pattern and then go do it, you have to keep changing where you're going. however, you can get an opening pattern for each speed level which will work the same each time. if you can die only once each board, the game will go on forever! easier said than done of course, but I find that encouraging...

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Spider Fighter - 487,750 (I guess I can't last as long as I used to...)


Spider Droid - 2,515


Centipede - 117,870




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Video REMOVED on October 30th, 2014 just because this season of the 2600 NEW HSC has been already closed.

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Centipede: 32,769


Spider Fighter: 9380


Spider Droid: 651


Too many games... not enough time... and now I'm going out of town for 10 days! I'm taking my laptop so, hopefully I can get some game time in. :?







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I don't know why the score shows up like this? Spider Fighter, 13,390 I think. Reset a few times after this, and the score always shows up like this??

attachicon.gifIMG_1043.jpg Spider Droid, 645 attachicon.gifIMG_1042.jpg

That's weird on the Spider Fighter score. Did you try shutting down, removing the cart, and putting it back in before playing again?

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Is anyone playing Spider Fighter on an Atari Jr.??? I figured out my jumbled score thing. This is the second game that has given me trouble on a Jr. I tried the Harmony on a 4 switch worked perfect score showed clear. Dug out the actual cart, threw it in the Jr., jumbled score, popped it in the 4 switch, perfect. The other game I had trouble with was Thunderground, I had to play it in the Bracket Challenge last season. I didn't have a Harmony at the time, took till thurs to arrive from net purchase...... popped it in, hit reset to start the game, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM the tank explodes before anything happens. Throw it in a 4 or 6 switch..perfect?? Also I have 2 Jr's, same results???

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