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Project Z - Coming Friday 13th!

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Hello, Ive been working on my first 2600 Program called Project Z, Its a fast pased Shoot em up with waves of Zombies and Skeletons alike.

There are three main Levels, Each with its own challenges, Two Large bosses, and a Gigantic Final Boss, ( Ive not yet hinted of this boss untill today.)

Im Curious if people will be interested in this game as Its finished and ready for production.


Ive already promised two of my loyal helpers a free Complete Copy. But im not sure if im going to release it as a complete copy or not.. So there may only be 5-10 of these made..


Im just seeing how interested the community will be in this type of game.. As i said before this is my first 2600 effort, but i have learned alot from this project and continue to learn from all the helpful people on this site.


So without further a due..... Screen Shots!




Fight oncoming Zombies in the Graveyard till morning!




Fend off Onslaughts of Skeletons in an underground cavern filling with lava!




Use strategy to take down Bosses at the end of every level




If your blistered hands can handle that you still have one more Enemy before you can go home!




Finally ill Tell you that this game Will be Released on Friday 13th this month!!

Be it Bas or Cartridge it will be played on friday the thirteenth!


Thanks LMK what you think!

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Looks awesome dude! :) Can't wait to see some kind of demo.


I'm new to the whole 2600 scene but I guess if you can get help from others maybe 'improve' the sprites if possible?


Also any chance of different weapon power ups? Like maybe make the default weapon slow, but maybe a timed pick up to make it rapid fire etc?


I like the idea of zombies, skeletons however not so much.


However again, just some thoughts. Can't wait to see more and try it!!

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very interested in this, but i think some gameplay footage will help many decide if they want in or not.


i like that last screen shot, something i've always envisioned for a VCS game's end boss.

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Aydan, Ive went over those ideas before with various testers and although they sound good in theory they do not fit into the way this game was made. Ive learned alot while making this game and i plan to use what ive learned to make my next project bigger and better.


Bomberpunk, I was looking into a way to make a video for this game but i may just upload a cheesy video with my phone of the gameplay and chaos that is Project Z

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Looks interesting. I like the art work for the cart. Is that your work too? Oh, and is the 'complete' copy a boxed version or something else (ie cart and manual)?

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Wow! Fun game. Don't really like how the screens get darker and darker. I think I should be able to see myself at all times. I also think the tombstones should be obstacles otherwise it just looks like a bunch of lines.

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