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WTB: Atari Jaguar SCART Cable (US if possible)

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I'm looking to buy a new Jaguar SCART cable. It looks like mine got some corrosion damage from Hurricane Sandy (yah, awesome event) and has stopped working properly. (I did try cleaning it, no luck)


I'm stateside, so if there are any available in the US, please get in contact with me. I am also willing to buy from overseas, but I'm trying to avoid the expensive shipping costs.



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I got mine from here based on recommendation on this board: http://www.consolegoods.co.uk/


Shipping wasn't too expensive.


The build quality is pretty crappy though...mine doesn't look like the one in the picture on the site. It barely stays in the a/v port. Nowhere near as good quality as the s-video cable I have. *sigh*

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