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Season 11 Round 2 - Metal Storm

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Welcome to round 2 of the 11th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!

This round ends on Monday, September 30th.

Title: Metal Storm
Developer: Tamtex/Irem
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: February 1991 (US)



None that I know of.

Scores so far:

Current standings:


asponge 25

Liduario 18

DonPedro 15

roadrunner 12

classicgamer_27330 10

wolfman 8

darthkur 6

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don't have my pics with me

i will have it later but probably with an improvement anyway.


it's a good game, I forgot about it but I did play it years ago


the third boss is tough...


I wasn't paying attention & missed the first round! :(

that's a really fun game

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The 3rd stage boss seemed very intimidating, requiring precise timing etc... and he was so easy to beat with shield power up it almost felt like cheating. And then I lost all my lives right at the beginning of 4th stage :)





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DonPedro 171050 +25

S.BAZ 169000 +18

asponge 134700 +15

Liduario 112400 +12

jblenkle 57150 +10

NIKON 47750 +8

darthkur 44,900 +6

roadrunner 30950 +4

wolfman24 5600 +2


Current standings:


1(t). asponge 40

1(t). DonPedro 40

3. Liduario 30

4. S.BAZ 18

5. roadrunner 16

6. darthkur 12

7(t). classicgamer_27330 10

7(t). wolfman 10

7(t). jblenkle 10

10. NIKON 8


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