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FS: 32X World Series Baseball box/manual, etc.

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Once again, it's time to start clearing stuff out and raising money to buy homebrews. :) For the moment I'm just going to use this thread list some of my newer and higher-value items. I also have an old sale thread with items that I'll gradually migrate here. Anything there is still available.


Prices do not include shipping, which will always be charged at exact cost. I'm mainly looking for sales, but will consider trades for certain items on my wantlist, e.g. the 32X games I don't have or a CIB Star Control II for 3DO.


OK, let's dive in:


Sega 32X:


World Series Baseball '95 Starring Deion Sanders - box and manual only - $50 or best offer





I actually bought a box and manual for this game, and only a couple weeks later ran into a CIB copy in the wild. The box and manual I bought was in better shape, so I kept those + the "wild" cart, and am selling the "wild" box/manual.


I'm not sure if you can easily see the sunfading in the pictures. On the box/outer sleeve itself, it's present on one side, but really pretty mild and not too bad at all. (The top of the yellow tray is severely sunfaded, almost white, but those are easy to replace if necessary.) The box isn't mint and there's some wear on a couple edges, but overall it's in quite reasonable shape.


If the price seems bizarro, this is the 2nd rarest US release for the 32X, and regularly goes for well over $100, so this is a good way to save money by piecing together a copy.


Sega Genesis:




Gauntlet IV - $16.00
Mortal Kombat - $8.00
Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Classics) - $11.00
Strider Hiryu (JPN) - $15.00
Street Fighter II: Championship Edition - $5.00
Superman - $7.00
Thunder Force II - $8.00
Game Genie - $5.00
I have lots of other Genesis stuff that'll be joining this thread sooner or later. Much of it is in the old thread linked above.

PlayStation 1:


Sealed games:


Crash Bandicoot 2 (Greatest Hits) - price TBA
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Greatest Hits) - price TBA
Shrek Treasure Hunt - $5.00
Shooter Starfighter Sanvein - $5.00
Speedball 2100 - $6.00
Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) - price TBA
I also have 12-15 other games available for sale, mainly Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider games. Details forthcoming.
Wavebird controller:
I have one, but I don't think I really want or need it. Details TBA, or ask if you're interested.
CIB games:
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Player's Choice)
Pac-Man World 2 (on the fence about selling this)
Super Mario Sunshine (Player's Choice)
I also have a CIB Lego Star Wars with a totally trashed case. Buy the two games above and it's yours for free. :D
Atari ST:
Harrier Strike Force (sealed) - $7.00 (no idea what to charge for this!)
Prices do NOT include shipping. Buyers within the US and Canada preferred. All items will be well-packed in a box unless buyer and seller agree on a different shipping method. Payment via PayPal; gift payment (or adding 3% to cover fees) is always appreciated, but never demanded.

Also feel free to look at my trader feedback thread; I also have one at Sega-16. Please provide references if you're new to Atariage.
More to come, including Miracle Piano Teaching System stuff for NES & SNES.

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