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I noticed there are no bonus multiplier balls and if I am seeing it correctly, there is color clash, something I don't think I've ever seen on a Colecovision. Also, on this video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlTBWLSsueI ) one of the levels appeared to be completed with the bombs caught in order and there was no screen indicating it. Will the bonus screen be in the final release?


The game looks pretty good, do you have a video of the final game (that video says it's a beta (RC1.9)?

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Just to clarify something, no this version is not arcade perfect.


First, the resolution of the arcade game is for a vertical screen, so some level has to be reworked.

The scoring system has been simplified, but people who take the lighted bomb will be greatly rewarded in scoring.


The 32ko rom is filled with music and graphics, i've focused the game on his gameplay, to have a much better feeling than the SG1000 version and trust me it's totally better than this version, no possible compare.


Yes there is some color clash, the bomb are not sprites. It's impossible to make the bomb with sprites, (with 2 color !! Some screen should use more than 32 sprites, and say hello to flickering like christmas tree !) so characters has been used and due to the limitation of the Colecovision to avoid color clash there was some options :


- Have a black screen instead of the background ...

- Using square bomb like the SG1000 version

- Or having background in only 2 colors.

- Using lot of graphics bomb but say hello to slowdown and simplified background (or less background)


So i've prefer have some color clash, it's a fair compromise to have a more beautiful game.

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