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Needed: Atari 2600 Power Supply

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So I have a college class project I'm going to be starting on soon. Which I hope to use one of my Atari 2600's as part of the project.

But I have a problem. My only (formally) good Atari 2600 power supply has died a while back. So I am in need of another one that works.

Anyone out there have a extra working one that would be willing to part with?

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Unfortunately, my Atari Adapter died when the cord broke off at the brick. The cord is still connected but the copper wire is broke inside. You could always make one. Avoid those cheap unregulated "universal" power supplies as they often provide too much juice for the application, and the voltage setting can be accidentally changed.


Get this 9v adapter:



And use this tip:



Make sure to match the tip for positive [+] polatiry.


You can also make an NES / Genesis adapter using one of their barrel tips. NES / Genny needs minus [-] tip polarity. I am currently using a Radio Shack frankendapter with multiple tips for Atari/NES/Genesis/SNES spliced on. SNES plug is a little harder to come by because it is bigger than the available Radio Shack tips. I now keep the original adapters boxed up to prevent further wear and tear.


Here is my 5-in-1 homemade "Frankendapter" - not pretty but it works flawlessly with my Atari, Famicom, NES, Genesis, and SNES:


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Yeah, the stock Atari adapters are notorious for having brittle wires. My original 2600 adapter broke off at the brick. Rubber cord is still there but the copper is broke internally. My old Lynx adapter did the same thingbas well.

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