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Blazing Lazers

Amazing Arcadia 2001 Find! I've got the Holy Trinity! :)

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Long story short, earlier this year I decided to go after a complete CIB Arcadia 2001 US set. Got 8 commons off Ebay, then managed to acquire (through sheer luck and persistence of correspondence) TWO SEALED RED CLASH's!! But then, nothing. And then I realized it would be almost impossible, and certainly at least several years, for Grand Slam Tennis and Spiders to even show up for sale, let alone reasonably priced or even CIB. And Brain Quiz, Space Vultures, and 3D Bowling are rare too. So I decided to shift my focus towards more achievable goals, and sold the two sealed Red Clashes. I'd still look out for Arcadia stuff for some fellow collectors, I figured.


Flash forward to a week ago: an acquaintance I had made asked if I was still interested in Arcadia games, as his neighbor turned out to still have some from having bought them decades ago. "All of them", I was told. I was able to visit today, and there were only 14 or so games (put of 22 released in the US). 8 of which I already had (and was about to sell off). But 5 of them were The Holy Trinity of Arcadia 2001 Games: CIB copies of Grand Slam Tennis, Spiders, Red Clash (missing the overlays), and CIB copies of Space Vultures and 3D Bowling. Aside from a battered box for Red Clash, all are in surprisingly good shape! Unfortunately, the guy had a good enough inkling of what they are worth, and suffice to say my wallet sustained a financial puncture wound in paying for them. But even if I decide not to remain an Arcadia collector- and I might stay one given that I just knocked out all of the insanely rare and two of three regular rares, that means that I still have an opportunity to share my newly found treasure with the greater community who I know are in need of them! So enjoy the pictures, be inspired by knowing that such rarities ARE still out there waiting to be found, and PM if interested! This is the best Halloween I've had in years!!











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