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Hatta's classic computers

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Greetings everyone. I have to pare down my collection for a move, so here it is. Everything is tested and in good condition, and I've included links to pictures. Prices are before shipping, I'll figure out actual shipping costs when we make a deal. I figure I'll leave these up for about a month, and then they go to eBay. Cash offers are welcome. The only thing I'd really consider in trade is a Roland MT/32.


I'll be shipping from 68108, and I can take paypal or money orders.

Apple IIe: SOLD
2 disk drives
Monitor III-slight damage to glare screen, see pics
Super Serial Card
Kensington System Saver

Mattel Aquarius, boxed: SOLD

ARC 8086 XT clone: $60
5.25" and 3.5" floppy
20MB hard disk
Amber display

IBM Model F keyboard: SOLD
83 key

Tandy Coco 16K: $20
Tandy Coco ?K: $20
These are bare computers
One has no badge indicating memory size.

There is more to come. Also check out my consoles in another thread.

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More vintage computer stuff. I lost my camera in the churn of stuff, so I can't offer pictures this time. Pictures will be added when I locate the camera. Rest assured this stuff is tested and working. Again, prices are before shipping. I'm in 68108, PM me your zip code for a shipping quote. I do take offers, don't be shy.

Tandy 1000EX: $40
With 25-1062 RAM expansion, 384K RAM total.
One Plus slot missing plastic skirt, still fully functional.

Tandy CM-5 monitor: $30
CGA/TGA compatible monitor

Macintosh Classic: $40
In Classic II case

VIC-1541 Floppy drive: $15
VIC-1541 Floppy drive: $15
First buyer gets free non-working 1541 for parts. Probably just an alightnment issue.

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