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Looking for the name of an old 800XL game

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I had the following game on tape when I was a nipper and I was trying to track it down. Not remembering the name or the company that bought it out hasn't helped, anyway the gameplay from what I remember it is described below:


It was a war game based on another planet, you had different robots of different classes (Tank, Scout, Bomb and a couple of others) and the idea was to locate your enemy's spaceship and army, fight off their army and blow up their spaceship using two of the three robots armed with nuclear bombs, then load your robots onto your spaceship and take off, from memory you got points for the amount of kills and the amount of your robots you saved. You got bonus points for taking over their ship and disabling yours from memory.


I remember picking it up in a bargain bin it must have been 86-87 I suppose. Does that ring any bells for anyone?

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