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Dan Iacovelli

Round 11 of the 2013 Harmony Games: Lead

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The Eleventh Round of the 2013 Harmony Games is Lead 16k chosen by Liduario

Breif Description

:Lead is a fast paced Atari 2600 shooter that will keep you on your toes! There are four types of stages: "Fire", in which you must shoot enemies down. "Dodge" where you must dodge asteroids plummeting towards you. "Scramble" where you must avoid sentinels. And "Catch" stages where you must catch satellites. There are Smart Bombs and Power-ups you can capture to help you in your goal to stay alive!

As mentioned above we are using the 16k version(which includes all four stages mentioned above) which can be d/l here http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=281511


this round ends on Dec 10th Good Luck!!


any scores for Princess Rescue posted (for those who are not listed)
will now count as one point until nov 17th then no more won't be accepted

The final game of the season will be picked by Craftsmanmike


we are only doing strictly homebrew games no hacks from this
point on,toward the end of this round if I don't hear back from Crafsmanmike I will
choose the game)


as always scores will only be updated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here)
(you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)

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I haven't been able to copy the bin file from Dan's link :? Are you guys using a different file? :? :?

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good score will update later

*side note AVC online is getting moved to a new server on Atari-users.net (some time next year the old site will be replaced

witha wordpress format(VGS site is already changed to new a wordpress format), for now the old site us still up

rob will reset the subdomain to point at the new server when I get done moving the files and clearing it up*

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You're right, Lid! I do love this game. Thanks for picking it


Score: 1,020


I didn't get too far on the "scramble" phase



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