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TI-99 Photos Thread! Post your systems here!

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I finally got one of my “grail” items... a genuine ti color monitor! I’ve been looking for one of those for years. The screen is a fair bit smaller than the CRT tv I was using, but boy is the picture nice.




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Just got back into the TI over the last 2 months with some help from my brother. Had not used one since the late 80s. Here is my setup at the moment. I have a PEB that needs some work coming soon. Not sure where to put it once it is working. 

TI Computer.jpg

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23 minutes ago, Dutchboy said:

 Here is my setup at the moment. 

TI Computer.jpg


Nice!  You'll have no problem seeing whats on that screen!

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Check out my new gaming hat!

I think I’ll wear it to KansasFest!

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Over the years, here at AtariAge sidecars have evolved, gotten more capable, and seem to have come full-circle in appearance...



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My new setup:


System 1:

Beige TI-99/4A with F18A VGA connection

* Finalgrom99 or Extended Basic XB2.7 Suite

* Beige "The Arcade" Joysticks with adapter for TI

* TI Speech Synthesizer

* TI Peripheral Expansion Box (PEB) with switch button

**1 TI Flex Interface Card

**2 Corcomp 512K Memory Card (includes already 32K, thus no other 32K needed. (Missing 12 VDC power supply yet to maintain Ramdisk DSKR. DSK5. DSK6.  There is a switch at the back to save RAM.

CRU address set with jumper to >1400 (need to be on >1000 to be used as DSK1. Need to be configured with a command)

**3 empty slot (reserved in case to place Horizon3000 RamDisk+Rambo occupying both slot 2 and 3, note requires also the 32K card)

**4  TI RS232 Interface Card (and PIO for Parallel I/O)

**5 UCSD P-code system. Switch at the back to select the Pascal Operating System (University of California San Diego)

**6 TIPI PEB box card. CRU address >1000 (external switch at back to change to >1800)

to change order to load from either RAM disk or Floppy Disks

*** Raspberry PI 3B+ with TIPI software loaded (CALL TIPI) and via Wi-Fi interface accessible via a webbrowser https://192.168.1.xx:9900

**7 BWG Floppy Disk Controller for DS/DD (Double Side / Double Density). 3x diskdrives connected. Also has a clock with battery in card  CALL CLOCK. CRU >1100

**8 empty slot.(reserved for 32K card in case HorizonRamDisk is used then 32K is needed).

** 2x beige 5.25" Floppy Disk Drives (support DS/DD). Powered from PEB Box DSK1. and DSK2.

** External 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive, connected to Corcomp Floppy Disk Controller Card external interface. Also powered from the PEB box. DSK3.


System 2:

Geneve 9640 with non-genmod BIOS 1.00

* keyboard Fujitsu FKB2930. OEM-ed by Geneve?

* Mouse - 3 buttons

* TI Peripheral Expansion Box. 99/4 Push Button

**1 TI RS232 interface card with PIO

**2 Horizon3000 Ramdisk with Rambo card and 3x NiMH batteries backup. DSK8. (See setup ninerpedia to boot from disk). Drive E:\

**3 Blocked by Horizon disk as it takes 2 slots

**4 Geneve 9640 card with Joystick (compatible TI adapter DSUB9, need the adapter for 2 Joysticks). Mouse adapter.  9 DIN Pin output configured for RGB (optional with jumper composite). 9 DIN to DSUB9 "Genie" adapter of SHIFT838. DSUB straight cable to GBS8200 version 5 board with VGA connector. (Still have screen stability issues and No Signal once in a while)

**5 empty slot

**6 Corcomp Floppy Disk Controller for DS/DD (Double Side / Double Density). 2x diskdrives connected

**7 empty slot

**8. Rave99 adapter + TI Speech Synthesizer mounted on top of it

** Black 5.25" Disk drive DS/DD

** Beige 3.25" Disk drive DS/DD


System 3: 

Raspberry PI with RetroPi software and

with many systems installed

* TI-99/4A using TI99/Sim emulator (of Marc Rousseau)

* Other systems: MAME, MSX, NES, SNES, Dos, ATARI2600, ATARI7800.

*Configured all the input devices for all systems:

** Fujitsu/Siemens White Keyboard

** Optical Gamer Mouse

** 2x "The Arcade" joysticks via DSUB9 to USB adapter. Configure buttons in RetroPi 

** 2x USB Controllers with light (brand Tego). Configure buttons in RetroPi


Furhermore: more hardware for future posts like (TI-99/4, two versions), different TI-99/4A's, GramKracker, Gramulator, EA RAMmodule, FlashROM, 2048K Games Module (UberGrom).


1x box with a complete Dutch User Group (The Netherlands). TI-GG (TI GebruikersGroep) TIjdingen collection in hardcopy (also the Legio Computer Centre TIjdingen version)


and more books.


Pictures of setup to hide the computers in wooden boxes (to protect against dust) and as they are standing in the living room.









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