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38 minutes ago, senior_falcon said:

DEMO-S is actually DEMO-S.txt

The .txt tells you this is a windows format file; not a TI format file. (although I don't think it's required, I always append .txt to a windows format file)

You can open this with a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++ or whatever you prefer. You can make changes and when done save the revised file.

Classic99 must be configured so it can read and write windows format files. Here is how I have set it up for DSK1.




Now to assemble. Load the assembler (Not the editor-you don't need that!!!)



And that should assemble properly for you.

The DEMO-S is a relic from using the TI editor asssembler package where I used DEMO-S for source code and DEMO-O for object code. If I were redoing this I'd get rid of the -S and -O and make it simply DEMO.TXT and DEMO.OBJ

ty, got it working

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7 hours ago, apersson850 said:

But today I use variable names that are long as a winter in the north of Sweden (like linkTable[index].positions.adjust[index2] or folderAutomation.settings.usePerfCenter, cut from the last program I was working on), just because it's more efficient for me to remember what their purpose is, compared to if I call them A and B.

Real adventurous programmers use variable names like "Bob" and "Nancy." That is living, my friend :D

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