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What is currently the best GB/GBC emulator for Win7 machines?

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Could someone please tell me which emulator is currently considered the best for GB/GBC on a Windows 7 machine?


Also, would this emulator require a GB and GBC bios or are these pretty well reversed engineered and integrated into the emulator?


Any help would be appreciated.





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Mednafen is a very good multi-system emulator that covers GB/GBC/GBA very well(I've had zero issues with it).


For a stand-alone emulator VisualBoy Advance is at the top of the food chain.


Neither requires a BIOS. I've set them both up and started playing right away.


EDIT: Google search is your friend BTW. ;)

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Yes, mednafen is great. BTW, it uses the emulation core from VisualBoy Advance, so if you try one there's little point in trying the other. Just different front ends to the same emulation.

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Thank you for your responses.


I had tried google searches and spent a couple of hours finding emulators such as BizHawk, bgb and VBA-M. I just couldn't find a clear cut answer to which is the preferred emulator. I know it can be a subjective choice, but some emulators are better than others and I couldn't find which would be best to use. Also, since some of them use the emulation cores of others it made me a bit confused.


When you refer to Visualboy Advance, do you mean the old 1.7.2 and 1.8 versions or the new VBA-M svn 1206?

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