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The Intellivision Homebrew release List - Updated for December 2013

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The final Intellivision Homebrew Release list update for 2013.


Multiple changes to dates. Mouse Trap and Tron Complete have moved to spring 2014 releases. Groovybee's games have been changed to 2014 releases, stay tuned to his threads for updates as well!


A few Elektronite games have been taken off the currently available list, also Elektronite is moving operations soon and will temporarily halt sales on December 15 and resume next year.


Added Dave Akers 'game' Press 8 to the In Development section just in case it ever morphs into something greater! hint hint


Also added Super Pro Baseball, as it was hinted at on Intellivision.us forums. May or may not see a CIB release similar to Super Pro Tennis?


Also added a few hardware items to the Currently Available section.













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Coming soon section is for games that are known to be releasing in the near future or even within a year.


In development section is just that. Games that are still being made that may or may not have a clear release date yet. Also this section is a full list of games that have been started, even games that may never release and could be considered vaporware.


I will make adjustments to the games you mentioned, thanks for the clarifications!


Maintaining this list is no easy task! OK, its not that hard..... lol

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