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Robert M

Elf Dash ROMs

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Here is the text from the manual:

T'was the night

before Christmas

and all through Santa's

warehouse, just about

everything was stirring

except one tired elf...

Jolly Holly the elf sighed. The Big Cheese was

away on his flight, the warehouse was locked up

and the big return party was going to start in 10

min. What a year! The elf magic to make the

toys load themselves in the sleigh went haywire

sending toys flying around the warehouse

knocking down elves. The elevators went nuts

too, and won't stop running. Holly could hear

them banging around in the warehouse. "I'll deal

with that tomorrow.", she promised herself.

Suddenly Ralph elf burst into the office panic

stricken. "Mrs. Claus is on one of her rampages

again!", he yelled. "Oh no!" whimpered Holly,

"What now?". Mrs Claus and her inferiority

complex. She can't stand being relegated to

baking cookies and smiling in a grandmotherly

way. "She says the party decorations aren't good

enough. Here is a list of what she wants added.",

squeaked Ralph as he handed Holly the list.

Holly eyed the list. "Oh great! This stuff is all over

the warehouse, and I just finished locking up.".


Help Holly collect the 40 items demanded by

Ms. Claus in time, or be demoted to cleaning out

the stables. The warehouse has 8 rooms. In each

room Holly must collect 5 items and a key, then

get to the exit. Finish all 8 rooms in 8 minutes to



Press RESET to begin a new game. The game will

start when you move Holly. Use the joystick (in the

left port) to control Holly. Pushing left and right

will make Holly walk. Holding down the fire button

while pushing left or right will make Holly dash.

The energy bar at the bottom of the screen shows

how much dash Holly has left. Each room of the

warehouse has 7 floors. Holly must ride elevators

to reach other floors. Hold the joystick up or down

to get Holly onto an elevator as it reaches her floor.

Once Holly is on an elevator, hold left or right to

have her get off at the next floor.

Pick up items by running over them. When

everything is collected, a door appears. Touch the

door to go to the next room. Picking up the key, or

exiting a room restores Holly's dash energy.

Each room has a different set of toys out of

control. If a toy touches Holly, she will fall to the

bottom floor and be stunned for 5 seconds. Some

toys fire darts which can knock Holly down.

The timer shows how much time Holly has left.

The game ends when all the rooms are

completed, or the timer expires. The remaining

time is your final score.


Use the difficulty switches to increase the


Left Difficulty Switch:

A = Holly drops the item collected on a floor if hit by a toy

B = Holly never drops a collected item

Right Difficulty Switch:

A = Toys move 25% faster

B = Toys move at normal speed

Press Reset to start a new game. The timer will start as soon as you begin moving.

Game Design by Lucy Mundschau, Rob Mundschau

Programming by Rob Mundschau

Graphics by Nathan Strum

Written using Batari bBasic v1.0 by Fred Quimby

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