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Sunnyvale 4-switch VCS

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I have a heavy 6 and a light 6, both Sunnyvale. I don't have any promotional units.

First Sunnyvale 4 switch I have seen.


Nice thing about these is if you look closely at the switches they are domed tipped and chrome, not aluminum, and stay shiny whereas the aluminum ones tarnish gray from finger oils.


Heavy Sixers will have the cleanest (least interference) saturated (rich colors) RF output.

Rarest thing about that Craigslist one is the chrome switches variation.

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Yes, Atari's headquaters was in Sunnyvale. Was this made there? Probably not important.

I wasn't aware 4-switch models were ever made in America.

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Three more things I've noticed.

Sunnyvale ones have yellow paint, not orange.

There's no channel select switch on the bottom!

That's a short RF cable, definitely not 10-15 feet.


P.S. My Sunnyvale Light 6 has a 3-digit number burned into the bottom. They sure liked to melt plastic out there! :lol:

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